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Novatek signs Arctic LNG China deals
13 January 2022
Russian gas supplier to send more cargoes to China, but this time to an independent importer and a provincial state-owned group
Chinese gas forecasts leave LNG uncertainty
10 January 2022
There is both plenty of opportunity and plenty of risk for the LNG sector as it looks to meet China’s expanding need for gas
Meeting the oil and gas supply gap
20 December 2021
The world has no lack of recoverable oil and gas resources. But where they will come from in the future will change
Outlook 2022: Russia plays catch-up
30 November 2021
The Eurasian giant has announced an aggressive decarbonisation plan while striving to relieve Europe’s power crunch
Europe’s major gas suppliers in war of words
18 November 2021
Russia and Norway take divergent views on how to tackle current price volatility
Giant oil and gas discoveries may prove irrelevant
5 October 2021
The energy transition is increasing the risk of huge discoveries becoming stranded indefinitely
UK parliamentarians take aim at Russian gas politics
21 September 2021
Fingers pointed at the Kremlin as the primary driver of spiking European gas prices
Chinese gas demand growth to slow
14 September 2021
Consumption will continue to rise over winter, but a stalling post-Covid recovery will put a brake on the market’s expansion
MOL mulls LNG transshipment stakes
7 September 2021
The Japanese shipping company is looking to acquire stakes in the FSUs serving Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 project
Book review: A brave new energy world ahead, but few answers
6 September 2021
Daniel Yergin’s new book offers a short but insightful history of key developments in the world of energy, but is less illuminating on the sector’s future prospects
Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 advances
24 August 2021
Contract award for the construction of a transshipment terminal is a step forward for the project
Geopolitics aid Pakistan energy investments
17 August 2021
Various nations are seeking to secure regional influence by backing major projects in Pakistan that might otherwise struggle for finance
Russian producers set for good year
8 June 2021
First quarter results thus far point to a solid recovery. The rest of the year could be even better
Arctic LNG 2 inks long-term contracts
30 April 2021
Russia's Artic LNG 2 project continues to advance, with the signing of long-term sales and purchase agreements (SPAs) for the entirety of LNG production
Russian reforms drive refining change
13 April 2021
Tax changes to incentivise refinery upgraders are bearing fruit
Poland pivots towards more non-Russian crude
9 April 2021
As in gas, the former Communist country is wary of dependence on its heavyweight eastern neighbour
Winter LNG transit highlights Arctic’s growing role
8 April 2021
Russia is leading the charge to normalise Arctic shipping as the region warms
Opec+ confounds market with three-month cuts easing
1 April 2021
The group had been widely anticipated to keep the prior agreement in place, but a rapidly agreed deal will see cuts relaxed through the summer
Venezuela’s allies choose divergent paths
1 February 2021
Support from strategic partners Russia and China has helped the Latin American regime endure punishing economic sanctions. But over time their approaches have begun to deviate significantly
Russia benefits from standing its ground in oil price grey zone
25 January 2021
Saudi sacrifice shows greater appetite for compromise in a price environment that is not win-win for the two Opec+ heavyweights
Saudi steps back to move forward
21 January 2021
Unilateral production cuts and reconciliation with Qatar may look like a full retreat from longstanding policy positions. But they may yet prove smart tactical moves
Letter from Moscow: Rosneft bucks trend with Arctic push
21 January 2021
At a time when many IOCs are shunning large-scale investments in oil extraction, Russia’s biggest oil producer is pressing ahead with perhaps its largest ever undertaking
Opec+ power shift points to lower crude price paradigm
18 January 2021
If Russia can marshal allies to seize control of the producers’ group, it might respond to structural demand concerns with a volume-over-value strategy
Putin prepares for White House shift
22 December 2020
Flashpoints projected as Biden administration takes a tougher foreign policy stance on Russia
Letter from Moscow: Changing of the guard
11 December 2020
Five new technocrat ministers suggest the new PM has a refreshing focus on competence
Flare capture offers easy wins
12 November 2020
Reducing gas flaring can both accelerate progress to net-zero and offer a swift boost to industry credibility