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LNG faces growing shipping constraints
9 January 2023
New regulations are likely to restrict an already limited pool of vessels capable of transporting gas
Ukraine fallout continues to support tanker freight rates
15 December 2022
Freight rates for clean tankers—the specialist vessels that transport refined petroleum products—reached multi-year highs in 2022 and are likely to remain strong going into 2023
Freight struggles with regulatory uncertainty
16 September 2022
Lack of clarity is affecting demand for new tankers, but LNG vessel orders are booming
Russia-linked tankers ‘going dark’
9 June 2022
Shipping analysts Windward see a rise in suspicious activity by Russia-affiliated vessels since start of Ukraine war
Market vagaries may still buffet merging tanker heavyweights
26 April 2022
Frontline-Euronav deal will create one of the world’s largest tanker fleets, but price-setting power may remain outside the combination’s reach
Tanker market feels impact of Ukraine crisis
31 March 2022
The tanker freight market is having to deal with sanctions, uncertainties and shifting trade flows in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion
Marine fuel market enters troubled waters
23 March 2022
Ripple effect from Russia’s war in Ukraine may result in significant supply disruption
Decarbonising shipping: Where are we now?
23 February 2022
Regulators have yet to force the sector to decarbonise, but larger shipping lines and operators are planning for a low-carbon future
Outlook 2022: Zero-carbon shipping needs significant R&D investment
16 November 2021
The shipping industry is charting its own course to decarbonisation
Delivering an effective framework for cybersecurity
26 October 2021
A systematic approach is key to creating a ship security programme and ensuring the crew are involved in its delivery
Letter from London: Shipowners propose carbon levy
8 September 2021
Trade association the ICS is trying to take the initiative and steer the industry’s decarbonisation on its own course
Letter from London: Shipping GHG targets not all plain sailing
8 July 2021
The IMO’s ambitious emission goals are still reliant on as-yet unproven technology
Winter LNG transit highlights Arctic’s growing role
8 April 2021
Russia is leading the charge to normalise Arctic shipping as the region warms
Suez crisis highlights bottlenecks
3 April 2021
The blockage of the Suez Canal by a single vessel highlights how important navigational chokepoints are for the shipping sector and commodities markets
Shipping faces tough decarbonisation choices
30 March 2021
Supply chains will be critical as the maritime sector looks for alternative fuels
LNG freight volatility sees new contract listings
11 February 2021
Exchange to launch new tools for LNG shippers to manage risk
More change ahead for the shipping sector
11 January 2021
An unwinding of some Covid-related effects might challenge VLSFO’s initial IMO 2020 win
PE Live: Shipping firms leading CO2 charge set to reap rewards
2 November 2020
Companies at the forefront of decarbonising shipping will benefit from membership of groups determining the future of the industry
PE Live: Collaboration key to decarbonisation effort
30 October 2020
Shipping is already benefitting from working groups looking into decarbonisation technology, improving safety and creating demand for low-carbon fuels
PE Live: Shipping is taking decarbonisation ‘very, very seriously’
29 October 2020
Shell and Deloitte’s influential new report found that lowering emissions was a key consideration for the vast majority of leading shipping companies
LNG shipping set for more challenges
4 September 2020
The sector may have seen a more rational 2020 so far. But that is no guarantee it has learnt its lessons
Shipping must start planning for zero CO2
10 September 2019
Industry warned it must begin developing technology now to comply with IMO 2050 zero carbon emissions target
Sea change for shipping sector
1 February 2018
New rules are imminent and will have a big impact on the global fuel oil sector
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