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Hydrogen costs must fall to reach diesel parity – study
20 July 2021
Hydrogen fuel-cell buses still more expensive than diesel ones to operate, according to study by AC Transit
Cummins is working across the hydrogen sector
15 July 2021
Engine could be cheaper to run than hydrogen fuel cells, especially for heavy vehicles
Ark Energy buys trucks from Hyzon Motors
13 July 2021
Trucks will replace diesel equivalents, reducing CO₂ emissions by 1,400t/yr
Hyzon and Chart sign liquid hydrogen truck deal
6 July 2021
Liquid hydrogen technology gives hydrogen trucks twice the range
PE Live: Haulage best suited to hydrogen fuel cells
15 June 2021
Heavy-duty road transport is likely to be dominated by hydrogen technologies rather than battery electric vehicles, says panel
Southern California looks to hydrogen
11 June 2021
Local alliance aims to reduce price of green hydrogen to $1.50/kg by 2030
Hydrogen sector to bounce back – BIoomberg
24 May 2021
Bloomberg Intelligence expects investments in the sector to rise dramatically in the next few years
Fuel-cell competition heats up as rivals target heavy-duty mobility
10 May 2021
Diesel engine supplier Cummins emerges as significant competitor with target of $400mn electrolyser sales by 2025
Hyzon to look at hydrogen vehicle factory in Neom
29 April 2021
Hyzon, Modern Group and Neom company will finalise plans over the next 18 months for the facility
Total joins hydrogen vehicle alliance
23 April 2021
Hyzon-led group eyes fuel-cell powered fleets in commercial vehicle sector
Everfuel expands green hydrogen network
30 March 2021
Danish firm is to meet growing demand for the fuel with fourth refuelling station in Copenhagen
Anglo American leads the green hydrogen mining pack
23 March 2021
Locally produced green hydrogen could be a cheaper fuel source than diesel at remote mine locations
Estonia’s Elcogen to construct solid oxide fuel cell factory
17 March 2021
The nascent high-temperature hydrogen fuel cell technology is most likely to gain a foothold in industrial applications
Ballard’s future bright despite tough 2020
15 March 2021
Fuel cell manufacturer extended losses due to the pandemic but has recently signed a heavy-duty railroad deal
Fuel cell heavy duty mobility could be cost-competitive in two years—WHS
12 March 2021
Hydrogen vehicles and vessels on ‘credible pathway’ to cost crossover point
Ballard Power is shifting gears
15 February 2021
Fuel-cell company has made several recent agreements and is on the lookout for acquisitions and joint ventures
Siemens UK and Riversimple formalise collaboration
11 February 2021
Welsh hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle company has formed its first corporate strategic relationship ahead of 2023 product launch
Hyzon Motors set to merge, ahead of listing
10 February 2021
New York fuel cell vehicle company has secured finance for ambitious expansion programme
Cummins makes headway in hydrogen
5 February 2021
Heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer is making inroads into electrolyser and fuel-cell markets
The ‘time is now’ for hydrogen – Baker Hughes AM 2021
2 February 2021
A clean-molecule solution is needed for hard-to-abate sectors and cost-competitiveness is within sight
California’s H2 vehicle market swayed by countervailing forces
26 January 2021
New state funding should help fuel-cell vehicles reduce the huge sales gap with battery electric equivalents—if national tax credits are reinstated
Defiant Nikola vows to bounce back
22 January 2021
The founding CEO quit the hydrogen fuel cell truck maker amid claims of fraud, but development work continues and it claims its first vehicles will roll off the production line in Q4
Proton Motor seeks growth through joint ventures
22 January 2021
German manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell sets its sights even higher after a strong year of building partnerships with companies such as Shell