18 April 2024
Equinor hones its ‘high-grade’ global portfolio
The Norwegian energy company is concentrating its efforts on specific regions and assets that meet strict cost and carbon criteria
17 April 2024
Russia makes gas inroads in Central Asia
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan provide opportunities after Europe turns it back, while also offering another gateway to China
16 April 2024
Higher oil prices will not trouble Fed
Commentators need to shake off the myths of the past, with rising oil prices a boon for US economy
15 April 2024
LNG needs post-election rethink
Though hampered by methane concerns, US LNG has a crucial role to play for European and Asian energy security, US economic needs and the energy transition drive
12 April 2024
Tehran goes it alone
Iran has announced multibillion dollar spending programmes aimed at domestic companies, inspired by recent export success
12 April 2024
Woodside sees renewed confidence in Australia’s upstream
CEO Meg O’Neill believes operating environment in Australia has stabilised and sees a bullish outlook for LNG demand
11 April 2024
Gas faces uphill battle in China and India
The renewables revolution is not producing a gas boom in Asia’s largest countries, as incumbent energy sources coal and hydro retain an advantage
10 April 2024
Indie Arrow targets rapid production growth
Fears that left-leaning President Petro’s government would signal the end for Colombia’s oil industry appear unfounded
9 April 2024
Oil’s long, slow decline?
Lower costs and lasting government mandates key to transitioning away from fossil fuels, but oil will not be going anywhere fast if history and current policy is a guide
8 April 2024
Fresh capacity to shift global refining in 2024
Even diesel cracks may be poised to narrow, although other factors—such as attacks on shipping in the Red Sea—could buck the structural trends
5 April 2024
Nigeria must navigate gas pipeline project risk
Changing demand patterns, rising global LNG supplies, funding issues and regional insecurity threaten gas infrastructure buildout, but experts plot way ahead
4 April 2024
The Fed sends flowers to OPEC
OPEC+ continues to keep oil prices within a 'goldilocks' price range and provide stability in turbulent geopolitical times
3 April 2024
April 2024
The April issue of Petroleum Economist is out now!
3 April 2024
Equinor streamlines its offshore strategy
Exploration is providing mixed fortunes for IOCs amid higher costs, prompting firms to look towards M&A and safer plays
2 April 2024
Future of Canadian tight oil hangs on net-zero progress
Report by Canada Energy Regulator outlines three different scenarios, with the global push for decarbonisation the key to future production levels
28 March 2024
Denmark to become net gas exporter after Tyra restart
The country’s largest gas field is a bright spot for the North Sea, boasting cleaner operations amid a changing mood in Europe over hydrocarbons
28 March 2024
OPEC+ must wait on contested demand outlook
Whether OPEC+ starts to unwind its oil production cuts from June will depend on heavily debated unfolding supply-demand balances
28 March 2024
WA’s domestic gas policy dilemma
As a gas supply shortfall looms, balancing regulatory flexibility with energy security and investor confidence will be critical
27 March 2024
NOCs must straddle two worlds
Oil producers have to untangle the increasingly complicated relationship with their natural resources
26 March 2024
US SPR takes on new role
Strategic stocks have become as much a market management tool as a security of supply buffer, and this new tactic is likely to continue beyond the next election
25 March 2024
Norwegian North Sea proving resilient
Low carbon intensity and sizeable projects such as Johan Castberg coming onstream in late 2024 suggest a robust outlook at least until 2030
22 March 2024
Australia’s Carnarvon eyes NWS resources
And the outlook for the country’s upstream appears to have improved following legal setbacks in 2023
21 March 2024
Letter from Saudi Arabia: Don’t mistake Saudi energy policy
The country is not betting against long-term oil demand growth, it is planning for a hydrocarbons-led energy demand boom
20 March 2024
Argentinian tax row casts shadow over upstream
Clash between federal and regional governments escalates as Chubut calls for supply disruption unless demands are met
20 March 2024
North Sea production to see minor boost
Taxation strategies in UK and Norway to continue to play important role for a region in which significant volumes of medium sour have offset the loss of similar quality Russian barrels and balanced the influx of US light sweet grades
19 March 2024
Letter from India: Oil’s new nerve centre
The IEA estimates India will be the largest driver of global oil demand growth by 2030, but it may have still undersold the story
18 March 2024
Japan’s appetite for LNG is poised to shrink in 2024
Planned reactor restarts and expiring supply contracts mean changes ahead for Japan’s well-established LNG sector
18 March 2024
Time running out for UK North Sea
Smaller projects provide opportunities, but basin maturity and policy shifts amid political uncertainty signal a significant decline by the end of the decade
15 March 2024
Letter from Iraq: Kurdistan gas key to growth
Federal-backed but independent Kurdistan-focused national energy company could underpin better cooperation
14 March 2024
Letter from London: IE Week highlights east-west splits
Houthi actions in the Red Sea are compounding the market dislocations stemming from sanctions
13 March 2024
CNOOC gears up for offshore challenge
China’s state-controlled offshore specialist is looking to bump up output again this year is it turns its attention to more-difficult assets
12 March 2024
India says doors wide open for energy investment
Hardeep Singh Puri says upstream oil is vital as country goes all out to boost its energy sector across E&P, gas, biofuels and hydrogen amid booming demand
11 March 2024
Canadian crude oil’s last big push
Oil sands set to provide growth over next few years, but infrastructure and policy hurdles could stifle momentum further out
11 March 2024
Rising Chinese LNG imports are no threat to Europe
China’s intake of the fuel rose by 12.6% in 2023 and will continue to increase this year, but this looks unlikely to cause trouble for Europe
7 March 2024
Gulf NOCs build overseas footprints
The Middle East’s powerful clutch of national oil companies are turning their attentions outwards, with new acquisitions taking them into previously uncharted territory
5 March 2024
March 2024
The March issue of Petroleum Economist is out now!
4 March 2024
TC Energy returning to its roots
Leaner North American midstream behemoth looks to strategic success with renewed gas focus
4 March 2024
Indian LNG demand has questions to answer
Despite predictions of explosive growth, price-sensitive buying behaviour and infrastructure challenges cast a pall over the outlook
4 March 2024
The long march to energy independence: Part 3
Attempts to end the US ‘addiction to oil’ in the early 2000s had some unintended negative consequences
29 February 2024
Market fundamentals mute Red Sea price impact
But the crude, product, LNG and tanker markets are all still facing significant disruption
27 February 2024
Letter from the UK: A positive legacy for OPEC?
Oil producer group could spearhead the shift to cleaner energy in member countries and be part of transition solution
26 February 2024
Russian refining under siege
Ukraine is striking deeper into Russian territory as it seeks to disrupt its enemy’s oil supplies, but the impact remains limited
23 February 2024
Shale gas industry consolidates in the shadows
While US oil mega-mergers are grabbing all the headlines, there is also an understated revolution in the gas patch
23 February 2024
Invictus working on Zimbabwe PSC
The once-pariah nation could become a regional exporter in energy-starved southern Africa, according to MD Scott Macmillan
22 February 2024
Indonesia looks to gas to cover growing energy needs
Recent elections and on-going LNG developments highlight the importance of domestic gas demand in the sprawling island nation
21 February 2024
Australian upstream laments government grip on gas prices
The industry is calling for the return to market-led price-setting on the east coast
19 February 2024
Trials and tribulations for Russian LNG
Novatek may have completed Arctic LNG 2’s first train on time, but the harder part will be securing buyers and shipping cargoes as Washington seeks to halt Russia’s LNG expansion
16 February 2024
Indian refiners set for big expansion
The world’s third-largest importer of crude shows no sign of easing up on downstream momentum in recent years
14 February 2024
Petronet LNG says price key despite Qatar ties
Huge QatarEnergy deal lays down marker in India’s gas shift, but CEO stresses price still biggest driver as Petronet LNG looks at further buying opportunities
13 February 2024
Oman LNG secures its post-2024 future
With offtake deals, shareholder agreements and gas supply in place, could the country expand its LNG industry further?
12 February 2024
Letter from India: Oil and gas crucial to future energy security
Krishna-Godavari Basin success underscores importance of drive towards energy independence amid an ‘all-hands’ approach
12 February 2024
Namibia continues to yield exploration success
TotalEnergies explains it is seeking the ‘sweet spots’ to develop fields with unevenly distributed resources
9 February 2024
Shell’s withdrawal opens doors for Nigerian firms
Oil major's departure from the Nigerian onshore oil business offers opportunities for local firms, but could also leave a financing gap
8 February 2024
Africa embraces floating LNG
FLNG developments are reaching fresh milestones on the continent, but questions remain about the ability of the smaller players to advance some of these projects without additional partners
8 February 2024
UAE could be big winner from Aramco U-turn
Saudi Arabia’s decision not to expand capacity target seen as bolstering UAE’s position within OPEC+
7 February 2024
EnergyPathways advances UK Irish Sea ambitions
The AIM-listed firm sees its gas plans as meshing with UK energy transition goals
6 February 2024
Letter from the US: Chesapeake-Southwestern merger is big deal for US LNG
The combination of the two independents will show the benefits of both size and methane reduction efforts
6 February 2024
OPEC stresses need for all-energies approach
Secretary general says oil can help solve trilemma and is upbeat on ‘flexible’ OPEC role to help manage crude supply longer term
2 February 2024
Letter from Africa: Lip service and duplicity at COP28
African unity, not elusive aid, is key to unlocking energy investment—especially in gas
1 February 2024
February 2024
The February issue of Petroleum Economist is out now!
31 January 2024
Colombia’s upstream set for decline
Political decision-making casts doubt on the Latin American country’s ability to sustain energy self-sufficiency in the long term
31 January 2024
Shell demonstrates renewed focus on hydrocarbons
Gulf of Mexico moves suggest cautious optimism in region’s deep waters, with a shift to work smarter and balance risks
31 January 2024
Aramco pursues multi-faceted gas growth strategy
The NOC is looking to increase its gas output to more than 165bcm/yr by 2030 to support its hydrogen and ammonia aspirations, and to finally become a player in LNG
30 January 2024
Regulatory change threatens next wave of US LNG
A potential policy shift has thrown the fate of c.100mt/yr of new US liquefaction capacity into doubt
30 January 2024
Indian refiners look to diversify crude sources
The country is trying to reduce dependence on Russian barrels amid a narrowing of the gap between them and Middle Eastern grades
29 January 2024
Muddled policies cloud Korean LNG outlook
Planned terminal expansions do not fit with Seoul’s stated goals of trimming LNG dependence
29 January 2024
Power pricing threatens Vietnam’s gas plans
The country’s drive to adopt LNG and gas could be imperilled as the state electricity company haemorrhages money
26 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Toward a realistic US energy and climate strategy
A realistic, yet forward-looking, energy and climate strategy is possible if US policymakers can eschew ideological divides in favour of a durable political compromise
26 January 2024
Outlook 2024: The evolving role of OPEC and OPEC+
The organisation remains vital to ensuring future energy demand is met
26 January 2024
Iraq looks beyond headwinds for the upside in 2024
Optimism about Kurdish production increases contrasts with a messy security situation that could obstruct oil and gas progress
25 January 2024
Outlook 2024: The future is not what it used to be
The appetite for long-term oil investment remains variable
25 January 2024
Brazil seeks greater oil market influence
Despite environmental criticism, President Lula sees opportunity to build bridges with OPEC+ allies
24 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Uncertain outlook for East Med
The geopolitical risks of the East Med could affect regional energy integration and global markets
24 January 2024
Outlook 2024: US LNG – The next wave?
The LNG build-out gaining momentum in the US since 2022 is unprecedented in its size, but as risks grow it will reach its peak in 2024
24 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Freight sector grapples with regulations and geopolitics
EU ETS extension is the latest change for the sector
24 January 2024
Chinese oil demand growth poised to slow
Demand prospects are limited by decelerating economic expansion following the post-pandemic rebound
23 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Europe’s pivot from Russian gas
Energy crisis leads to supply diversification
23 January 2024
Modular refineries offer Nigeria solutions
Official support for small refineries may improve security and help the country meet both its OPEC crude production quotas and domestic product requirements
22 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Replacing coal with gas is more important than ever for Asia
More gas is needed across Asia—at affordable prices—to encourage the move away from coal
22 January 2024
Angola’s OPEC departure runs deep
Luanda’s decision to leave the influential group surprised many observers but may have been coming for some time
19 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Market regime shifts driving LNG portfolio value
Three main characteristics underpin a shift in global pricing dynamics creating a new regime
19 January 2024
China’s accelerating transition to curtail oil and gas demand
Rapid electrification and the adoption of renewables may allow China to trim its dependence on fossil fuels and reach net zero sooner than previously expected
19 January 2024
Letter on OPEC: OPEC composition will continue to evolve
UAE looks a prime candidate to assert its growing power amid a group unlikely to either gain or lose many members in the foreseeable future
18 January 2024
Dangote refinery startup fails to appease doubters
Mega-refinery set to transform Nigeria but questions remain over feedstock that may limit key gasoline production, at least for now
17 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Middle East to continue making headlines in 2024
Especially in the products market, the Middle East is set to achieve significant growth
17 January 2024
Johnson Matthey sees clean fuel tech ‘hypergrowth’
Demand for technology and components deployed in the SAF and blue hydrogen sectors is booming, UK-based company tells Petroleum Economist
17 January 2024
Mexico’s fledgling LNG export industry faces growth challenges
While developers are making progress, infrastructure, regulatory and political uncertainties risk stunting opportunities
16 January 2024
Outlook 2024: The evolution of gas infrastructure
In the ever-changing landscape of global energy, the European gas infrastructure is undergoing a remarkable transformation, poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Europe’s energy future
16 January 2024
Letter on OPEC: OPEC’s ‘elastic’ supply problem
A high-price market management strategy will continue to prove difficult until demand makes a strong recovery
15 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Welcome to the geopolitical rollercoaster
Oil and gas are once again being weaponised
15 January 2024
Key ONGC KG Basin project to start crude output in May
Despite the delays and the cost overruns, KG-DWN-98/2 could be pivotal in turning around India’s declining oil production
15 January 2024
Nigeria’s biggest gas pipeline advances
The AKK project promises to increase gas utilisation and reduce energy poverty
12 January 2024
Outlook 2024: The importance of US LNG in transforming the global market
US LNG has been a key driver in linking Asian, European and Latin American spot cargoes
12 January 2024
Vaalco eyes more African growth
The independent plans further Africa-focused expansion and shrugs off the recent coup in Gabon
12 January 2024
Venezuela casts shadow over Guyana’s bright oil future
But 1m b/d production could be just a few years away if geopolitical risks subside
11 January 2024
Viaro Energy sees gas as long-term UK transition fuel
CEO sees gas as growth area for the North Sea if governments embrace energy security
11 January 2024
Outlook 2024: The IEA 50 years on – Ensuring a secure transition to clean energy
We have the tools to transition but we must make sure we take advantage of them
11 January 2024
The long march to energy independence: Part 2
The US finally achieved energy independence in November 2019, but was the mission a mistake from the start?
10 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Libya ready for investment
New strategic plan includes significant investment in oil and gas
10 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Building LNG’s resilience through turbulent times
Larger and more diversified portfolios are best placed to navigate through volatility
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