28 September 2023
Libya targets 2m b/d oil before 2030
Oil minister Oun sends out cautiously optimistic message on oil and gas outlook and says pilot project ready to unlock huge shale reserves key to further growth
27 September 2023
Asian gas industry group counts on rising demand
Regional industry body ANGEA remains bullish about Asia's adoption of gas and LNG, despite elevated prices and logistical challenges
26 September 2023
How the Yom Kippur war changed OPEC
Half a century after the 1973 conflict, the world is dramatically different. But OPEC’s power remains
26 September 2023
Appalachia’s gas faces infrastructure challenge
Bottlenecks continue to constrain gas-rich Appalachia, and relief may not be in the pipeline
22 September 2023
Letter from Stockholm: Lundin trial could set corporate precedent
Former executives and a successor company are accused of complicity in Sudanese war crimes in what is now South Sudan
21 September 2023
Refinery delays contribute to Abuja’s fuel challenge
Nigeria’s downstream status quo changed forever with the end of fuel subsidies, but the flagship Dangote refinery has still yet to start operations
20 September 2023
Canada’s west coast LNG projects gain momentum
Geographical position, long-term demand and decarbonisation efforts continue to support the region’s burgeoning LNG sector
19 September 2023
Hong Kong looks to LNG to cut emissions
The special administrative region has introduced the fuel as part of its drive for carbon neutrality, but it will take years for imports to ramp up
18 September 2023
Malaysia LNG faces growing gas supply challenges
Pipeline problems, maturing fields, gas quality issues and territorial disputes threaten to erode Malaysia’s LNG exports
18 September 2023
US shale response to oil price boost may be muted
Behind the rig count data lie differences between public and private operators, acreage questions, the lure of returns and unwavering capital discipline
14 September 2023
Uruguay-focused independent upbeat on farm-in deal
AIM-listed Challenger is seeking partners to help develop its licences off the coast of Uruguay
13 September 2023
Brent without Brent: The role of North Sea oil in global prices
The inclusion of WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark has boosted volumes, but with Brent blend taking a backseat, why not just use WTI as the global benchmark?
12 September 2023
Letter from Singapore: Beware oil investment’s death rattle
High prices are no longer a guarantee for increased investment in oil projects despite the warnings of an energy crunch
11 September 2023
The oil market’s new polymorphism
From crude flows to oil prices, S&P Global Commodity Insights highlights the market’s ability to overcome adversity, albeit with costs involved
11 September 2023
Arc of instability threatens Sahel’s upstream, pipeline ambitions
Coups and geopolitical rivalries complicate energy projects in the expansive region
8 September 2023
LNG market braces for Australian strikes
Significant capacity is affected, but the market impact may prove limited
7 September 2023
Markets facing distillate squeeze
Crude production cuts and refinery outages mean high prices are looming for heating oil and diesel this winter, and greater shale output will do little to help
7 September 2023
Karpowership charts unique course
The floating power station specialist discusses its plans in South Africa and elsewhere
5 September 2023
Have India’s imports of Russian crude peaked?
Russia has leapfrogged Mideast sources to become India’s largest supplier, but flows may be poised to plateau
1 September 2023
Brazilian upstream enjoys bumper year
Soaring pre-salt production sees Latin America’s largest country pull away from the local competition
31 August 2023
Southeast Asia embraces LNG
Vietnam and the Philippines lay down a marker for the region’s growth prospects with new import terminals
31 August 2023
Maurel & Prom acquires independent Assala
The French firm confirms its position in Gabon
30 August 2023
Energy crisis resets expectations for Asia-Pacific LNG demand
Reliability and affordability key in price-sensitive Asian market amid renewed global dependency on natural gas
30 August 2023
Asia’s LNG approach evolves
Asia learns energy security lessons after counting the costs from the destination flexibility of LNG
29 August 2023
LNG industry’s faith unwavering on Asian demand
The number of supply projects under construction around the world suggests developers and buyers believe in decades of future growth
29 August 2023
Asia’s quest for low-emission LNG
Appetite among the region’s buyers for LNG that can demonstrate low greenhouse gas emissions amid recognition of long-term fossil fuels role
25 August 2023
Gas remains crucial to Southeast Asia’s energy balancing act
The fuel will have a continuing role to play as the region seeks to balance growing energy demand with targets to reduce emissions
25 August 2023
Pavilion Energy: Fuelling ambitions for a sustainable energy future
Singapore-based global energy merchant has taken a fundamental first step towards decarbonisation by encouraging its suppliers to document their greenhouse gas emissions
25 August 2023
Lack of oil and gas investment could be serious issue, warns IEF’s McMonigle
Secretary General believes linear and ideal forms of energy transition will be difficult to achieve especially with false narratives around peak oil demand
24 August 2023
Gas prices continue to burden European industry
Almost a year-and-a-half after Russia invaded Ukraine, elevated gas prices continue to impact the competitiveness of European industry, especially relative to the US
23 August 2023
US Gulf continues to refine hurricane response
Another Atlantic hurricane season is well underway and expected to peak in September, while the oil and gas industry on the US Gulf Coast continues to watch the weather with caution
23 August 2023
Aramco’s Nasser says energy security and sustainability can co-exist
But CEO says prematurely discontinuing investments in fossil fuels threatens serious supply shortfalls and may be counterproductive to energy transition
22 August 2023
Shipping shrugs off Hormuz Strait incidents
Despite contradictory claims of increased tensions in Mideast Gulf waters and possible rapprochement between the US and Iran, the situation appears business as usual for freight
21 August 2023
African lenders back Angolan refinery
Efforts by African institutions and others to push development in the continent appear to be gaining momentum
21 August 2023
Letter from Nigeria: New leader delivers shock therapy
President Tinubu has already targeted major reforms at the country’s dysfunctional downstream and upstream sectors, as well as overhauling monetary policy
21 August 2023
US SPR squeezes Saudi economy
Action by consuming governments has shown they can significantly affect oil prices and put a spoke in OPEC’s wheels
18 August 2023
Europe’s gas pivot and Asian demand boost global midstream
Europe has been hastily building out LNG and pipeline capacity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while demand is rising in Asia
18 August 2023
Forecasts of oil sands’ demise greatly exaggerated
Canadian regulator the CER’s Global Net-Zero scenario paints a gloomy picture for the oil sands, but the analysis may be fundamentally flawed
17 August 2023
Kosmos unfazed by Greater Tortue Ahmeyim delay
Postponement of large LNG project does not seem to have derailed Kosmos’ expansion or capex plans
16 August 2023
Letter from Latin America: Wider woes fail to derail Argentine shale
Battered by multiple economic headaches, Argentina is looking towards the Vaca Muerta as a potential lifeline
15 August 2023
Explorers return to Libya despite fragile security
Peace means progress for Libya’s upstream, but disruption is never far away
14 August 2023
Reality bites for global climate ambitions
Real-world trends for rising oil use in the developing world cast increasing doubt on lofty emissions goals
14 August 2023
Consensus forms behind rising crude prices
Saudi cuts and slowing US output add to improved demand outlook
11 August 2023
US SPR faces existential crisis
As the 50th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo approaches, policymakers gripped by energy security fears must start rethinking the purpose of emergency oil stocks
10 August 2023
Optimism despite setbacks in NL offshore
The province’s government remains positive about the future of its offshore industry despite recent difficulties
9 August 2023
Shifting sands alter balance of power in Middle East
The region’s political situation and internal relationships are changing amid the growing influence of Russia and China
8 August 2023
Oil market poised for China showdown
China puts the strategic in SPR as it looks to utilise record oil storage
7 August 2023
Eni banks on gas for transition future
The Italian major continues to reorientate its portfolio to focus on gas
4 August 2023
Afentra continues Angolan portfolio expansion
The UK independent sees Block 3/05 as key to its growth ambitions in Angola’s maturing upstream
4 August 2023
China pumps record crude despite economic headwinds
Record domestic production and high imports contrast with weak economic growth to raise the question of how much more crude China can store
3 August 2023
Energean’s Rigas says gas strategy tied to East Med energy security
CEO warns Russia shock may have changed Europe’s energy dynamic forever as company focuses on significant demand from Israel, Egypt and beyond
2 August 2023
Canberra stokes Tokyo’s LNG concerns
Talks between the trading partners reveal growing tension over the potential impact on LNG flows of domestic Australian policies
1 August 2023
Dwindling feedgas threatens Brunei LNG
The decades-long project needs new sources of gas, but territorial disputes with Malaysia are complicating matters
31 July 2023
Letter from Canada: The coming energy war
Conflict between the federal government and Alberta’s new premier seems inevitable
28 July 2023
Rio Grande lights the way for US LNG
Texas export facility’s remarkable turnaround will give fresh hope to other gas projects looking to secure FID
27 July 2023
Oman carves out niche in global energy trade
The country punching way above its weight in energy is less the story of a hydrocarbon bonanza and more that of a nation seeking to make the best out of what is available
27 July 2023
Delta sees LNG-to-power back on track in Vietnam
The company remains bullish despite last year’s LNG sector upheaval
26 July 2023
Uncertainty weighs on the Andean energy sector
Collapsing governments and crackdown on public dissent showcase growing instability
25 July 2023
India’s SPRs could be too little, too late
A greater focus on oil security may not be enough to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the net importer’s strategic petroleum reserves
24 July 2023
Canada can step up energy security role – CAPP
The country’s oil and gas trade association tells Petroleum Economist that Canada has both the means and the responsibility to expand its contribution to global energy security
24 July 2023
Ghana poised for short and medium-term oil boosts
New wells at the Jubilee field will lift output in 2023, while the Pecan field offers longer-term prospects if development can be progressed
21 July 2023
Letter from Vienna: OPEC wrestles with a plethora of contradictions
Saudi Arabia and its allies delivered a strong message with a collective voice at the OPEC seminar in Vienna, but just as important was what was left unsaid
20 July 2023
Iran’s crude increases raise US, OPEC+ questions
A tight sour oil market and a reluctance by Washington to take a hard line could allow the OPEC producer to keep testing boundaries, but for how long?
19 July 2023
Oil and gas must face climate change head on
Pushing for more fossil fuels is counter-productive to hydrocarbons’ important long-term role
18 July 2023
Hydrocarbons are a clean fuel for 30% of the world
The Russia crisis has brought some rational thinking back into the broader energy conversation around what constitutes clean and affordable fuel
17 July 2023
Optimism grows around Mexican upstream
Things are looking up for exploration and production in Mexico, with new finds and developments set to boost output in coming years
17 July 2023
Europe redraws lines on gas infrastructure map
The continent’s gas revamp looks to both LNG and nearby pipelines
14 July 2023
Gibson buys Texas terminal amid bullish outlook for US oil exports
Growing global thirst for light sweet crude contrasts with potential refining decline and risks of inland infrastructure bottlenecks at home
12 July 2023
East Asian LNG demand may not threaten Europe
Risks persist, particularly those related to weather, which could tighten gas availability for Europe
11 July 2023
Letter from London: Some fuels are more equal than others
For those demonising oil and gas, there is a plot twist: the real bogeymen are coal and the world’s voracious appetite for energy
10 July 2023
Outages could drive renewed European gas price volatility
Europe is better prepared than last winter, but risks remain
7 July 2023
Will US LNG stampede lead to costly overbuild?
The US’ emergence as the world’s largest LNG producer is good news for gas-hungry Europe, but the project pipeline raises questions about how much capacity will be needed
7 July 2023
Trinidad & Tobago looks to awaken the Dragon
The island nation’s energy minister delivers a bullish outlook on oil and gas both home and abroad
6 July 2023
Is LNG getting easier again for trading houses?
Market volatility put a significant strain on the commodity traders in 2022, but there are some signs of green shoots
5 July 2023
A red flag for security of Russian oil supplies
Internal strife and a prolonged war in Ukraine threaten a precarious balance that has kept oil flowing
4 July 2023
Letter from South America: The rise and fall of Ecuador’s oil industry
Uncertain whether political change would change Opec member’s energy fortunes
3 July 2023
Europe’s LNG buildout signals brave new world
The EU’s new gas strategy may have wriggled free of complacency and insularity, but demand destruction and chokepoints are just some of the key risk factors
30 June 2023
Letter from Paris: Africa eyes future fuelled by oil and gas
A recent industry forum highlights how developing nations see hydrocarbons very differently from some in the West
29 June 2023
Saudi output cut creates tight sour crude market
Move triggers flurry of Middle East-China trading with Unipec flooding market with Omani cargoes and rival Petrochina snapping them up
29 June 2023
Eni and Neptune sign acquisition deal
The Italian firm continues to increase the share of gas in its growing portfolio
28 June 2023
Suncor getting back on track
New management looks to focus on oil sands firm’s core upstream and downstream business
27 June 2023
Oil companies focusing on being oil companies
Persistent demand and the importance of the bottom line bring hydrocarbon investment back into focus
26 June 2023
Tanzania LNG project finally sees progress
Export terminal agreement brings offshore gas production a step closer
23 June 2023
Opec+ is in a tight spot
Oil producers’ demand outlook not as bullish as thought as output cuts have limited impact
23 June 2023
Kazakhstan is key to the Middle Corridor
The race to go around Russia is on and the New Silk Road has a Central Asian energy flavour
22 June 2023
Gas jostles for vital role in China’s energy mix
The fuel has lost ground to coal and renewables but is seen as key to balancing needs for energy security with long-term efforts to decarbonise
20 June 2023
Oil watchers not paying close enough attention to Saudi’s Opec+ policy
Saudi Arabia’s ‘whatever it takes mode’ suggests oil market floor will be defended despite macro challenges and Russia test
20 June 2023
Gail feels effects of Russia fallout
Indian gas company’s profits nosedive due to non-supply from former Gazprom unit
19 June 2023
Indonesia considers LNG export restrictions
Rising domestic demand and the pressures of net zero are prompting the Southeast Asian country to look at limiting outflows of gas
19 June 2023
Bennett Jones sees opportunities in Canadian energy transition
Petroleum Economist spoke to the law firm about Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape
16 June 2023
E&P investment becoming mission impossible
Oil price volatility and the high cost of hedging mean putting money into exploration and production is unaffordable for all but the largest players
16 June 2023
Letter from Africa: Investors should look beyond region’s challenges
Opportunities abound as hydrocarbons remain crucial to growing energy needs
16 June 2023
Big Oil’s trading black box
Energy trading is an opaque business, but automated and centralised data processing systems could help lift the lid on the market’s best prices
15 June 2023
US oil and gas sector facing insurance challenges
The market has hardened significantly, but there are strategies energy companies can employ to mitigate its impact
14 June 2023
Senegal eyes global and domestic energy markets
Dakar is keen to meet its own energy needs, even as major export projects near start up
13 June 2023
Letter from Singapore: Asia’s LNG love story still needs writing
Gas is set for major growth in Asia but countries in the region are moving at differing paces and some remain highly sensitive to prices
13 June 2023
Saudi Arabia, Opec+ and oil price formation
Why does a Saudi production cut of a million barrels fail to drive prices higher?
12 June 2023
Namibia keen on active role as it firms up energy ambitions
The southern African country’s plans include NOC portfolio diversification and boosting domestic gas consumption
12 June 2023
Global offshore market is on the upswing
Contractors set for multi-year recovery amid continually improving economics and efficiencies
9 June 2023
US debt deal to have lasting consequences for oil and gas
Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline could set a legal precedent, while permitting reform may make it easier for other projects to advance
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