9 June 2023
US debt deal to have lasting consequences for oil and gas
Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline could set a legal precedent, while permitting reform may make it easier for other projects to advance
8 June 2023
Kinshasa pins hopes on eastern oil export route
Regional mega-project could help overcome infrastructure barrier to Congo development, but hurdles remain
8 June 2023
Angola announces 2023 bidding roadshow
Roadshow will be for blocks in the Kwanza and Lower Congo Onshore basins, with technical session on 19 June
7 June 2023
Letter from Iran: Tehran's dreams and Moscow's deceptions
Russia is making a show of support for Iran as the two nations strengthen their ties, but the promised investment may never materialise
5 June 2023
Saharan pipeline projects must seize European opening
The proposed mega-projects linking Nigeria to the Mediterranean and beyond face significant hurdles, but there are strategies that could help them advance
5 June 2023
Asia’s NOCs chart paths to decarbonisation
But none of the companies are poised to abandon oil and gas anytime soon
2 June 2023
Exploration basins of the future
Exploration has rebounded since the pandemic while also becoming more focused. Petroleum Economist looks at the basins likely to see the most upstream activity over the coming years and at developers’ investment criteria
2 June 2023
IEA highlights energy divergence as milestone 50th nears
Energy body punches above its weight as it provides direction amid crossroads
1 June 2023
Realistic hope should be the legacy of Cop28
The appointment of the UAE’s Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber as Cop president has drawn criticism from some quarters, but progress on the energy transition will require cooperation, not conflict
31 May 2023
Oil sands face uncertain future in post-peak world
The long-term prospects for the sector may depend on the rate of decline in global oil consumption
26 May 2023
Farm-out chill stymies UKCS optimism
The potential of a play-opening discovery is shackled by lack of investor appetite
26 May 2023
Transatlantic gasoline trade remains muted
Demand, production growth and price outlooks will be limited as market continues to adjust following years of disruption
26 May 2023
China’s LNG demand blunted for now
Pipeline imports and domestic production gains may limit LNG take, but Russia and Central Asia uncertainty could prompt buying activity
25 May 2023
Crude market wrestles with supply-demand disconnect
Near-term economic concerns and relative supply strength postpone oil’s recovery narrative
25 May 2023
Global gas outlook ‘improved’, but risks persist
The IEA warns against complacency, as the weather and Russian pipeline flows remain major uncertainties
25 May 2023
Oil industry faces long-term investment crunch threat, says IEA’s Bosoni
‘Mature’ US shale industry, stranded asset risks and clean tech challenges mean sufficient energy supply could be in doubt beyond this investment cycle
25 May 2023
US shale starts 2023 in ‘realistic’ mood
First-quarter shale results show ongoing restraint amid signs of cost deflation
24 May 2023
Tackling methane a ‘no-brainer’ for oil and gas industry, says IEA’s McGlade
Cutting emissions of the potent greenhouse gas is beneficial not just for the climate but also for companies’ bottom lines and their social licences to operate
23 May 2023
Rise of Brics challenges oil world order
The five economies are shaking up global markets, and they could be on the cusp of a major break from the existing order
22 May 2023
East Med poised to develop gas reserves
Drilling campaigns and bid rounds are gathering pace, and even the long-discussed East Med pipeline may be back on the agenda as the region prepares to increase its gas exports to Europe
22 May 2023
Repsol takes integrated approach to net-zero goal
The Spanish firm is taking a technology-neutral approach to its 2050 target, recognising the importance of a diversified energy supply
22 May 2023
IEA’s Birol sees role for oil and gas as part of ‘orderly’ energy transition
Tackling both the energy security crisis and the climate crisis means clean energy push must be secure and affordable
19 May 2023
US gasoline myth masks bloated oil stocks
Grim outlook for refining margins as high interest rates blunt gasoline consumption
18 May 2023
Can gas solve South Africa’s power crisis?
Domestic production and LNG imports are on the table as the country seeks to restore energy security
17 May 2023
Russia-India crude trade poses challenges
Western banking sanctions and the crude price cap cause headaches for New Delhi and Moscow
17 May 2023
IEA’s Molnar says LNG is more back-up supply than transition fuel
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forever changed gas markets and prompted renewed interest in storage and previously unattractive developments, but the long-term future of the fuel is doubtful
15 May 2023
New president, old problems for Nigeria
Abuja is still waiting for the Dangote refinery to solve the country’s expensive fuel subsidy problem
15 May 2023
Adnoc focuses on gas for expansion drive
The Emirati giant is keen to reinforce its status as a net gas exporter while remaining cost-conscious even as it splashes its oil windfall
12 May 2023
Africa must end foreign dependence, says Appo
Regional energy body pushes for new strategies to develop the continent’s resources
11 May 2023
South Korea doubles down on Saudi crude
Seoul dabbles with Russian and US crude but Middle East remains primary source
10 May 2023
US and Qatari LNG: Competitors or a parallel universe?
The two heavyweight exporters are miles apart in their approach to the market, but the interplay between them will define the future of LNG pricing
10 May 2023
Letter from China: Price controls squeeze gas suppliers
Incomplete price reforms pose problems for both upstream and downstream players and threaten further shortages
9 May 2023
Technology the answer for oil sands’ net-zero goals
The six Canadian producers of the Pathways Alliance look to employ technical innovation and energy efficiency to reach scope one and two targets, says group president Kendall Dilling
9 May 2023
Letter from Canada: Oil sands return to domestic ownership
Continuing exodus of foreign companies means assets are coming back to Canadian-headquartered firms
5 May 2023
Russia struggles to reroute gas exports
Distance and politics mean there are no easy solutions to Moscow’s pipeline problems
5 May 2023
Beacon Energy reveals German upstream plans
The independent sees a long-term future for German oil production, despite the country’s influential green lobby
4 May 2023
Central Africa’s upstream attracts IOCs
Recent announcements demonstrate sustained interest in the mature region, especially among independents
3 May 2023
LNG crucial for South Korea despite nuclear focus
Liquefied gas may lose market share to nuclear in South Korea, but demand could still be robust
3 May 2023
Opec, IEA face-off reflects oil’s evolving role
The recent disagreement between Opec and the IEA over market volatility is rooted in the seismic shift required by the oil industry to avoid catastrophic climate change
27 April 2023
Australia’s domestic gas issues threaten exports
And a lack of fresh developments means supply is set to tighten
27 April 2023
A potent US SPR is a national security imperative
Russia’s war against Ukraine has profoundly transformed many elements of the global oil market
25 April 2023
Low prices not luring Asian buyers back to LNG
Preferable nuclear and coal options suggest balanced Asian LNG market, at least over the summer
25 April 2023
Higher capex needed for projected oil sands growth
Producers are not necessarily using their cash on oil sands output
24 April 2023
The energy stakes of Turkey’s heated presidential election
Besides fraying democracy, different visions for Turkey as a regional gas hub hang in the balance in a fateful election in May
21 April 2023
Opec+ cuts jar with China’s strong buying signals
Beijing likely to be unfazed by move amid growing alliance with Saudi Arabia
20 April 2023
Oil and gas industry must rebalance energy trilemma
Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have brought the importance of energy security sharply back into focus
20 April 2023
Letter from the US: Biden calls time on petroleum-fuelled vehicles
Rules mandating EV sales will transform the US automotive industry, but there are significant practical and judicial challenges
18 April 2023
India gears up for greater gas use
LNG cargo at Dhamra terminal arrives amid shift to securing supplies and capping prices
18 April 2023
Europe’s LNG strategy is better late than never
Infrastructure buildout will give EU better options in 2023 and even more in 2024
18 April 2023
Niger to start crude exports by end-2023
The country is on track to more than quintuple its oil production and enter the global export market later this year
18 April 2023
TotalEnergies deal may be launchpad for Iraq’s energy sector
Gas Growth Integrated Project pivotal to key Opec producer’s longer-term success
18 April 2023
Europe counts cost of uncoordinated energy strategy
Calls for EU to reflect on gas subsidy bill of €700bn as common purchase mechanism approaches
17 April 2023
Global gas market reawakened by ‘Russia effect’
Industry takes fresh look at moribund, risky or questionable gas and LNG projects
17 April 2023
Opec+ mastering art of targeting prices without targeting prices
Two-speed producer group is now nimble enough to make price floor work
14 April 2023
US industry could see second half of 2023 mirror the first
Top oil forecasters and industry signals at odds over market direction
13 April 2023
Papua LNG set for startup by 2028
But the additional capacity may face heightened competition for market share later this decade
12 April 2023
India sees crucial role for oil as it eyes investment
Director general of Fipi oil and gas industry body optimistic on E&P success and foresees a doubling of refining capacity over next ten years
6 April 2023
Letter from Caracas: Venezuela and Russia’s fragile oil ties at risk
Moscow’s influence over Caracas uncertain amid upcoming elections and a shift in approach from Washington
5 April 2023
US-Europe crude flow keeps records tumbling
Continued increases in lighter, sweeter US barrels heading across the pond have boosted gasoline supply from European refiners, but for how long can volumes keep rising?
5 April 2023
Iraq-Turkey pipeline outlook unclear despite deal
Major issues remain despite agreement between Iraq and Kurdistan
4 April 2023
Crucial Brent oil benchmark undergoes metamorphosis
Start of the ‘new’ Brent amid shifting market realities
4 April 2023
China holds all the cards in Russia’s eastern pivot
The Asian giant sees no reason to rush on energy cooperation
31 March 2023
BP and Adnoc bid a further twist in Leviathan tale
Could the NOC/major play for Newmed stake precipitate further changes to the Israeli field’s expansion roadmap?
31 March 2023
Blueberry River veto casts a long shadow
Implications of settlement between British Columbia and First Nations group go beyond development of massive Montney shale formation
31 March 2023
Letter from the US: Financial contagion and the oil industry – What, me worry?
Banks’ stricter lending policies will force refiners and marketers to hold fewer stocks, putting a squeeze on the oil industry
30 March 2023
Chad nationalises ExxonMobil’s former assets
Savannah Energy claims the assets and will contest the decision at the ICC
29 March 2023
Baytex deal could signal incoming US M&A wave
Bumper cash flows along with diversification and consolidation strategies set stage for dealmaking
28 March 2023
Goldman’s Currie interview part 2: Supercycle set for capex surge that will elevate oil longer term
Head of commodity research says energy transition a key driver for the supercycle and Middle East the key engine for oil investment
27 March 2023
Goldman’s Currie interview part 1: Banking crisis to slow, not derail, oil’s upward trajectory
Head of commodity research sees prices heading back above $90/bl by the end of the year despite scarring effects of crisis slowing oil’s rise
24 March 2023
Saudi-Iran deal first step to boosting regional oil security prospects
But there is less optimism on additional Iranian exports, and many near-term risks remain
24 March 2023
Russia finds the ships to access new product markets
Refining runs and questions over blending—not vessel availability—are likely to determine Russian product export volumes
24 March 2023
China’s recovering oil demand may not be all it seems
Rise in imports may be more to do with stockpiling ahead of summer than actual increased consumption
22 March 2023
Shale drillers try to stay patient amid gas price slump
Producers resist urge to respond too quickly to gas price trends
22 March 2023
US drilling to climb as supply disruption continues
Although spending will decelerate in North America, the 2023 forecast for an 18pc increase follows a near-record 44pc in 2022. US drilling will increase by 8.2pc, with total footage forecast to climb 8.7pc, to 290mn ft³ of hole
21 March 2023
Willow approval may be turning point that fails to turn
Development expected to produce equivalent of up to 40pc of Alaskan daily production but is unlikely to herald a new age of megaprojects
20 March 2023
Crude tanker market outlook remains strong
Ukraine fallout continues to elevate tanker demand while restricting vessel availability
20 March 2023
Global capex growth to moderate
Worldwide E&P spending is set to increase in 2023, albeit at a slower pace than last year, Evercore predicts
17 March 2023
Letter from London: Aramco shows the West how to have it both ways
Saudi NOC has a clear strategy on energy security and the transition, providing a lesson to the often confused West
16 March 2023
Subdued Asian LNG interest produces large stockpiles
Weak prices support demand but mild weather, delayed gas projects, large reserves and nuclear alternatives set to blunt upturn
16 March 2023
Dangote mystery cannot be solved soon enough for Nigeria
The refinery project is well-advanced but is unlikely to be online in time to help alleviate a forecast gasoline supply squeeze this summer
16 March 2023
A world of never-ending energy crises
Countries seeking energy security have ended up grappling with unprecedented fuel shortages from excessive promotion of one type of energy source, ill-designed political approaches and market data deterioration
16 March 2023
Letter from the US: The bigger they are, the harder they fall
The oil industry is facing the same kind of seismic shift in consumption that rocked telecommunications with the arrival of the cellphone
14 March 2023
Canada’s upstream on track to strengthen in 2023
Coming off a strong rebound year, the Canadian oil patch is on an upward trend, with strong prices and increased spending, but political uncertainty continues to cast a pall long term
13 March 2023
Eco Atlantic sees promise on the frontiers
The independent tells Petroleum Economist it sees further opportunities in Guyana, South Africa and Namibia
13 March 2023
US oil and gas output on the rise
Surging crude prices prompted increased drilling activity last year, but debt and financing issues constrained growth
13 March 2023
Fresh oil find stokes Namibian interest
The southern African nation continues to deliver exploration success
13 March 2023
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 4
The fourth and final part of this deep-dive analysis looks at LNG projects planned or underway across the Americas
10 March 2023
Middle East refiners primed for growth
Capacity additions set to take advantage of disruption to Russian diesel
9 March 2023
Ineos Energy leans into oil with US shale deal
Company ready to develop Eagle Ford shale after $1.4bn deal with Chesapeake Energy, chairman Brian Gilvary tells Petroleum Economist in an interview
8 March 2023
Letter from Venezuela: A long journey back from the oil wilderness
Lifting sanctions may still be a bridge too far in becoming a sustainable supplier of crude to the US
8 March 2023
African LNG growth could come too late to cash in
Can new capacity come online soon enough to capitalise on elevated prices?
8 March 2023
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 3
The third part of this deep-dive analysis looks at liquefaction and regasification developments in the Europe and Russia
6 March 2023
Argentina’s gas ready to help energy security and transition
The country’s energy secretary, Flavia Royon, says a key pipeline is on track to realise the potential of the Vaca Muerta
2 March 2023
Bakken boosts its gas infrastructure
Oil is still a serious business in the Bakken shale, but when it comes to midstream, the money is on gas
2 March 2023
LNG market stress to persist for years
But a supply glut could be coming later this decade
2 March 2023
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 2
The second part of this deep-dive analysis looks at liquefaction and regasification developments in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific
28 February 2023
Wintershall eyes Algeria in post-Russia reboot
The German producer is focusing on the North African country as it looks to strengthen its gas portfolio following its exit from Russia, COO Dawn Summers says in an interview with Petroleum Economist
27 February 2023
Alberta’s savings hobbled by oil sands
Potential bonanza for Heritage Fund is not without caveats
27 February 2023
Letter on Africa: Nigeria's oil and gas industry needs more than new faces
IOCs are reducing their footprint in what was until recently Africa's largest oil producer despite key oil legislation being passed
27 February 2023
Global LNG analysis report 2023 — Part 1
Decarbonisation and the war in Ukraine are just two of the factors driving the massive investment in liquefaction and regasification around the world. The first part of this deep-dive analysis looks at developments in Africa
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