6 October 2022
Opec+ decision fallout grows
Crude price gains will not be the only result of the cartel’s decision to cut production
6 October 2022
US seeks to reassure over Russia price cap
The looming move threatens additional uncertainty and risk for the energy markets this winter
6 October 2022
Europe’s gas supply woes to persist
Next year may prove even tougher than 2022
5 October 2022
Oman’s upstream aims to rock like its peers
Don’t call it a comeback, newly gas-focused majors have been here for years
5 October 2022
Asian LNG demand may tighten market
Demand, rather than supply issues, could keep prices high next year
4 October 2022
Pay more tax to protect markets – van Beurden
Outgoing Shell chief sees higher government take as a much lesser threat to the oil and gas industry
3 October 2022
Bulgaria caught between east and west
Russian interference and domestic political instability threaten the country’s dream of becoming a regional energy hub
3 October 2022
Argentina pursues LNG export dreams
Vaca Muerta production is rising sharply, but there are still hurdles to clear
30 September 2022
Capricorn and New Med to merge
The deal between the two independents leaves London-listed Tullow Oil without a dance partner
30 September 2022
Delfin eyes emerging US export strategy
The company expects more US gas producers to target international markets as it signs a deal with Devon Energy and nears FID on its FLNG project
29 September 2022
Alaska’s North Slope on cusp of potential revival
But difficulty accessing resources, particularly on federal land, is compounding the usual problems with operating in such a remote and unforgiving environment
29 September 2022
Vaalco project set to boost Equatorial Guinea’s upstream
Houston-based independent plans to start oil production in the country in 2026
29 September 2022
Licensing round October update
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licences
29 September 2022
Commonwealth banks on modular approach
US developer aims to beat any Gulf Coast labour crunch through offshoring
28 September 2022
Pacific LNG producers prepare for crunch
There may be little spare capacity in the region
28 September 2022
Cheniere surprised by lack of European LNG contracting
US seller sees Asian buyers changing approach but inertia in Europe
27 September 2022
Japan and South Korea prepare for crucial winter
Nuclear availability and the extent of low temperatures will decide how much LNG they will need for the months ahead
26 September 2022
Adnoc aims to benefit from European IOCs’ new impetus
Appetite to replace Russian energy imports is providing a major fillip to the Emirati firm’s upstream development plans
26 September 2022
UK investment allowance gets to work
Greater enthusiasm is emerging not just for activity but also for projects promising near-term spend
26 September 2022
A Russia price cap: Too clever by half
The proposed mechanism may cause Russia some pain, but its impact is likely overstated
26 September 2022
Central Africa eyes regional pipeline network
Ambitious plans for a cross-border network of oil and gas pipelines in central Africa have some significant backers but will likely struggle to secure funds from traditional sources
23 September 2022
US LNG exporters’ FID problem
Tellurian chief warns that not all recent SPAs may be fulfilled due to challenges in getting projects financed
22 September 2022
Does Repsol point the way again for European peers?
The Spanish firm has form for leading where other firms swiftly follow
21 September 2022
Subsidies push Nigeria to the brink
Controversial payments have turned high oil prices into a curse
21 September 2022
Letter from China: Appetite for gas shrinks
Even potential government stimulus measures might not be enough to bolster demand
16 September 2022
Freight struggles with regulatory uncertainty
Lack of clarity is affecting demand for new tankers, but LNG vessel orders are booming
16 September 2022
ExxonMobil takes a chance on India’s upstream
The major’s involvement is a win for New Delhi as it seeks to promote offshore exploration
15 September 2022
China well-stocked with gas for winter
Sufficient term-contract volumes and soft demand are insulating the country from the expensive spot LNG market
15 September 2022
Qatar restarts petchems drive
Doha’s gas is ready to go downstream again
15 September 2022
Uganda secures more pipeline funding
Plans for route linking to an export point in Tanzania continue to advance
15 September 2022
EU Commission looks to clobber generators and producers
Executive body puts forward a range of measures but backs away from a gas price cap for now
13 September 2022
Russian barrels continue to impact Iranian trade
The sanctioned countries are competing in a limited illicit market
12 September 2022
Letter from India: Cost of import dependence grows
Surging demand, declining domestic output, high prices and a weakening rupee are all pushing up the country’s import bills
9 September 2022
Letter from South America: Elections could impact Petrobras policy
The upcoming election pits the right-wing incumbent against a left-wing former president
8 September 2022
Permian consolidation defies headwinds
Surging profits and easy access to export markets are accelerating M&A activity, despite growing inflationary pressure
8 September 2022
Morocco seeks to pipe gas to Europe
The disused Maghreb-Europe pipeline means the infrastructure is in place, but the production capacity is not
8 September 2022
UK shale drillers hope for rebirth
The new administration’s lifting of a fracking moratorium is cause for renewed optimism
7 September 2022
Equinor warns on gas price cap complications
The Norwegian producer stresses that imposing a maximum price will not solve underlying issues
6 September 2022
India defiant over Russian crude
Oil minister pushes back against criticism of his country’s approach to Russia
6 September 2022
US LNG exports can reach 200mn t/yr – Cheniere
North America, including Mexico, can make a substantial contribution to global supply
6 September 2022
Capricorn expects Q4 merger progress
The proposal to combine with Tullow would create a large independent with an Africa-focused portfolio
5 September 2022
Woodside signs Atlantic basin LNG deals
The Australian firm is extending its role as a portfolio player
2 September 2022
Nuclear SMRs could decarbonise Canada’s oil sands sector
But cost and commercialisation timeframes may prove a barrier to adoption
2 September 2022
Germany plans fifth floating LNG import terminal
Berlin continues to use the private sector in its efforts to reduce its dependence on Russian pipeline gas
1 September 2022
Mexico’s Zama set to win FID battle
The ‘world-class’ field could get a green light next year, following repeated delays and a resolved operatorship dispute
1 September 2022
Canada’s midstream rivals eye LNG opportunities
The country’s pipeline owners are poised to capitalise as North American LNG export projects proliferate
1 September 2022
UK PM contender Truss backs North Sea and fracking
The favourite to be the country’s next leader backs domestic supply solutions
31 August 2022
Chinese NOCs delist from NYSE
The voluntary move demonstrates the growing distance between the US and China
30 August 2022
UK gas producers need to read the room
The reality of price rises facing consumers means the dialogue has shifted
30 August 2022
Darwin LNG backfill remains on track
The project to switch the liquefaction plant from a Timorese to Australian gas source continues to advance
30 August 2022
Southwest China hit by energy shortages
Extreme weather in the region means more headwinds for the Chinese economy
30 August 2022
Indian refiners reap Russian discount rewards
India continues to take significant volumes of discounted Russian crude
26 August 2022
Australian indie expands Gambian interests
Far is seeking new partners to advance developments
26 August 2022
North American LNG export contracts approach 50mn t/yr
Shell and Centrica deals latest in post-Ukraine invasion SPA boom for liquefaction projects
25 August 2022
Harbour plans Indonesian FID for end-2023
The UK firm is expanding its Indonesian upstream presence
25 August 2022
China holds the key for European winter LNG
Demand in the East Asian powerhouse is the major variable for pace of deliveries into the Russian gas-starved continent
25 August 2022
Uzbekistan lays out energy goals
The Central Asian nation seeks to attract significant foreign investment for its energy sector
25 August 2022
Mixed appetite for UKCS farm-outs
Deltic reports progress but will also relinquish two licences after failed processes
24 August 2022
Australia’s Pluto LNG kicks off expansion
The new train will be fed by the huge Scarborough gas field development
24 August 2022
Letter from Canada: Federal government attempts emissions strategy
Federal carbon pricing options may allow the central government to outflank provincial opposition
23 August 2022
Storage disincentives and regional dislocations roil European gas trading
The loss of Russian volumes has made for unusual market conditions
23 August 2022
Norway’s DNO buys into Cote d’Ivoire
DNO is diversifying beyond its usual regions of operation and plans further expansion
23 August 2022
Eni and TotalEnergies strike more gas in Cyprus
The European producers celebrate further success in Block 6 but the East Med export conundrum remains unsolved
22 August 2022
Letter from London: Leadership lacking as energy crisis looms
The UK is facing a winter of energy price discontent, but the governing Conservative party is focused on its own internal struggle
22 August 2022
Private capital holds the key to the oil and gas kingdom
Equity investors may remain cautious, while funds are evolving in response to a changing market landscape
22 August 2022
Power demand threat to Europe’s winter gas security
Greater-than-expected requirements to burn the fuel to keep the lights on could harm supply conservation efforts
19 August 2022
German utilities take on LNG supply duties
The first two floating import terminals now have commitments to full deliveries
18 August 2022
Record prices reflect Europe’s winter gas fears
It is difficult to predict just how the continent’s supply and demand will balance
18 August 2022
UKCS backers take big EPL hit
The basin’s champions over a challenging period may lose most from timing of the so-called windfall tax
17 August 2022
IRA gives US upstream tax and buyback headaches
The landmark legislation with the unfortunate acronym has garnered a largely negative oil and gas industry reaction, barring a few exceptions
17 August 2022
Independent producers’ scope three dilemma
Is it enough for pureplay upstream firms to concentrate solely on emissions within their control?
16 August 2022
Letter from Mexico: Deepwater ambitions drowning in debt
Mexico must harness the vast resources in the Gulf to meet the government’s goal of energy autonomy
16 August 2022
Future-proofing Aramco
Record profits allow for investment drive not just in the upstream but also the downstream and in lower-carbon
16 August 2022
Brazilian upstream reaps divestment dividend
Petrobras is starting to see significant production gains in the pre-salt, while independents are already raising output at fields divested by the NOC
16 August 2022
Between East and West: Central Asia at a crossroads
The region holds huge gas and oil reserves, but getting those resources to market poses challenges
15 August 2022
Dash for gas in the Haynesville
Bullish output projections and snowballing consolidation illustrate scramble to gain a foothold in the basin
15 August 2022
SEG looks to expand in Uzbekistan
The Central Asian country has introduced upstream reforms since President Mirziyoyev came to power
15 August 2022
Kazakhstan seeks to chart own course
It may be too soon to speak of a divorce between Russia and Kazakhstan. Yet the former’s invasion of Ukraine is sending shivers through Central Asia
11 August 2022
Letter from China: Taiwan tensions expose energy risks
China’s heavy reliance on energy imports means it too would be vulnerable in the event of armed confrontation
11 August 2022
Hibiscus blossoms in Southeast Asia
The Malaysian independent sees the region as an increasingly important part of the world’s energy system, says managing director Kenneth Pereira
11 August 2022
Is floating LNG coming of age in Africa?
Offshore liquefaction projects seem well-suited for the continent’s upstream
10 August 2022
Little love lost as Serica and Kistos walk away
Neither firm will pursue their offer for the other, but they may look elsewhere
9 August 2022
Suncor in no rush on UKCS sale
The Canadian producer’s exit from Norway may not be closely followed by divestment across the maritime border
9 August 2022
Pemex reverses production decline
Mexico’s leading energy provider enjoyed a strong quarter but will have to overcome hurdles to achieve its upstream objectives
9 August 2022
Siemens sees no slackening in European gas-to-power
Gas-to-oil conversions are nonetheless presenting the turbine maker with opportunities
9 August 2022
Letter from the Middle East: Opec balances Russia and the West
The cartel is happy to wait for further developments before committing to more drastic action
8 August 2022
Russian seaborne crude exports slow
China and India remain the most important customers for Russian volumes
8 August 2022
Tehran makes a virtue of necessity
Iran aims to channel the fruits of accelerating upstream oil development into refining and petchems integration
5 August 2022
Revived Sahara pipeline still faces hurdles
Nigeria, Niger and Algeria are committed to the $13bn gas connection, but financial and security obstacles will be hard to overcome
4 August 2022
Freeport LNG to restart in October
The unplanned outage that took the plant offline in June highlighted the growing global importance of US LNG
4 August 2022
Nustar sees continuing Permian growth
The infrastructure firm expects flows through its pipeline system in the US shale heartland to be 10pc higher by the end of the year
4 August 2022
US politicians up windfall tax rhetoric ante
Surging downstream profits add fuel to the fire, but the spectre of demand destruction lurks
3 August 2022
Adnoc forgoes seasonal break
The Emirati heavyweight is racing to bring on new gas production to exploit rampant global thirst for the resource
2 August 2022
Genel: Return cash or M&A?
Analysts are split on the best way forward for the Kurdistan-focused producer, in a dilemma many upstream firms may also face
2 August 2022
Cote d’Ivoire’s Baleine set for fast-track development
The field will be the African country’s largest oil and gas development and revive a declining upstream that has seen almost 20 years without a major discovery
2 August 2022
Australia mulls LNG export controls
The recent energy supply crisis has resulted in a political backlash against the nation’s gas exporters
1 August 2022
Japan and South Korea promise little immediate LNG market relief
East Asia’s power sector use may be poised to shrink from 2023, but demand for the fuel is expected to remain strong this year
1 August 2022
Nigeria upgrades oil export infrastructure
The much-delayed alternative to the Trans Forcados route has finally started commissioning
1 August 2022
Reading too much into the Saudi capacity ceiling
MbS almost certainly did not mean what oil bulls have convinced themselves he did
1 August 2022
TotalEnergies targets 2027 startup for Papua LNG
Close collaboration between IOCs in Papua New Guinea means other developments may follow
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