1 March 2021
Australia’s gas-led recovery dream faces supply wake-up
Canberra’s flagship post-Covid energy policy faces headwinds from a looming supply shortfall
26 February 2021
European refiner hopes for a driving season
Varo sees the potential for a desire to holiday but a reluctance to fly recreating the US phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic
26 February 2021
LNG central to Asian net-zero emissions strategies—Shell
Major consuming countries’ net-zero emissions targets will drive rather than hinder growth, with trade set to double by 2040
26 February 2021
Asian LNG demand poised to climb further
The LNG sector remains very bullish about the prospects for Asian demand in the 2020s
26 February 2021
Fit for the lower carbon future
What is ExxonMobil doing to prepare for a lower-carbon future while meeting energy needs of a growing population?
25 February 2021
Nigeria calls on explorers to stop waiting for PIB
Nigerian authorities want IOCs to develop new projects in the country, but uncertainty over the Petroleum Industry Bill continues to deter investment
25 February 2021
Biden shines spotlight on climate
International collaboration will be crucial to achieving the Democrat government’s bold climate agenda
25 February 2021
Australian shale gathers steam
The sector may still be in its infancy, but the industry’s prospects have improved rapidly over the last six months
24 February 2021
Dated Brent—all change but business as usual
The sheer scale of financial infrastructure around the crude market’s most important global benchmark means the wider trading market will largely shrug off any physical implications from a Fob-to-Cif switch
23 February 2021
Letter from the US: Oil and gas sector faces cold hard facts
Glacial temperatures in southern states showcase lack of provision against extreme weather
23 February 2021
Upbeat outlook in Iraqi Kurdistan
Oil and gas developers in the semi-autonomous region are looking forward to a year of rebound
23 February 2021
Challenges ahead for Australia’s mature assets
Competition for a shrinking pool of capital may put the country’s older offshore oil and gas fields on the back foot in the coming years
23 February 2021
Crunch time for Mozambique’s LNG projects
This year will be critical to whether Mozambique can achieve its ambition of becoming a major LNG exporter by the middle of this decade
22 February 2021
Australia struggles to stop downstream exodus
Australia’s energy security takes another hit with ExxonMobil opting to shutter its Victoria refinery
22 February 2021
US maintains Syrian oilfield presence
The US government has reiterated its commitment to defeating so-called Islamic State in Syria and says it is merely protecting the country’s oil from falling into the ‘wrong’ hands
22 February 2021
Mexican LNG offers sea change
Shortening shipping times could deliver substantial gains to exporters, but they would still need to navigate the country’s complex regulation process
22 February 2021
Access to capital key to Panoro growth
The producer’s CEO tells Petroleum Economist about its recent acquisitions and the prospects for maturing oil and gas assets in Africa
18 February 2021
Total's strategy diverges from peers
Much of what the three European majors plan to do is remarkably similar. But Total’s dialogue is subtly different
18 February 2021
Opportunity knocks for Canadian consolidation
Recent M&A deals and recovering oil prices showcase the potential for further activity in 2021
18 February 2021
US refining put on ice
Blizzards in Texas have dramatically halted downstream activities, leaving opportunities for facilities still running
18 February 2021
No time for oil services to have ‘heads in the sand’
Firms are at a strategic crossroads over whether to focus solely on hydrocarbons or pivot towards low-carbon energy sources, according to PwC
16 February 2021
Outlook Live: Trouble brews for US shale
Global energy demand will recover as the pandemic recedes, but production in the Lower 48 may already have reached its apogee
16 February 2021
PTTEP’s appetite for growth undimmed
Even the turbulence of 2020 has failed to cool the enthusiasm of Thailand’s NOC for further expansion
16 February 2021
Shell sees common trends in its transition scenarios
Certain themes dominate across the range of the major’s view of potential futures
16 February 2021
Fear of China to keep Myanmar’s LNG projects alive
Investors pulling out would create a space for Beijing to fill
15 February 2021
Indian government pushes gasification
New Delhi has revived plans for a gas pipeline to Jammu and Kashmir as it seeks to expand the country’s gas network
15 February 2021
Tanzania’s LNG ambitions fade
The East African country has struggled to make progress on proposed liquefaction developments and the window of opportunity may have already closed
15 February 2021
Letter from China: State firms stay committed to hydrocarbons
Beijing has made big promises on emissions, but China’s NOCs are still going for gas
15 February 2021
YPF dodges default
Financially beleaguered producer reaches debt compromise, allowing it to focus efforts on boosting Vaca Muerta supply
11 February 2021
Petrobras inks downstream sale
Divestments have struggled to get going amid tough economic conditions, but could the first refinery sale prise open the door?
11 February 2021
LNG freight volatility sees new contract listings
Exchange to launch new tools for LNG shippers to manage risk
11 February 2021
China’s downstream gas sector ready for take-off
City gas firms will be benefit from policy support and a recovery in construction
10 February 2021
Turkey moves at pace on Black Sea gas
The country’s NOC is fast-tracking development of Sakarya, but any need to bring in partners could complicate progress
9 February 2021
Mozambique LNG still on course—Total
Total's liquefaction project remains on schedule to come onstream in 2024 despite the country’s deteriorating security situation
9 February 2021
Ofse firms diversify away from North America
Nosediving revenues are forcing companies to shift capital to international assets
9 February 2021
India’s gas imports to soar—IEA
Economic growth will boost the country’s requirements to ship in fossil fuels
9 February 2021
China falls short on gas storage
Asia’s biggest gas market has a way to go to meet its storage capacity targets
8 February 2021
Qatar looks to go even bigger on LNG
The Gulf state takes FID on four more trains but is already looking at going beyond its 126mn t/yr goal
8 February 2021
Adnoc bucks trend for upstream restraint
The Emirati heavyweight is doubling down on capacity expansion
8 February 2021
Cautious US majors curb annual spend
Recovering oil prices will not be enough to convince producers to stump up additional cash, but investors may still benefit from a substantial dividend pay-out
8 February 2021
Biden plans Mid-East Gulf shake-up
US diplomatic goals, if achieved, will impact the Iranian, Saudi and Yemeni energy sectors
4 February 2021
Letter from Canada: Last chance for Newfoundland offshore
The province has potential, but it needs big finds and it needs them fast
4 February 2021
Tortue gets back on track
Senegal’s flagship developments are beginning to shrug off Covid-19 impacts
4 February 2021
Drilling ban spooks Gulf of Mexico
A long-term federal waters embargo would trigger severe production losses in the region, forcing firms to withdraw capital
4 February 2021
Enquest backs strong cashflow in Golden Eagle buy
The North Sea producer is increasing, but reorganising, its debt to fund acquisition
4 February 2021
Tackling twin gas challenges
Defining its role in the energy transition is not the only tricky road the LNG industry must travel. Unlocking its full potential through promoting a diverse and inclusive future is another
4 February 2021
Letter from Brussels: Gas infrastructure falls out of favour
Coal-to-gas switching could be undermined by proposed regulation excluding gas infrastructure from energy priority scheme
2 February 2021
Saudi strategy runs deeper than cuts
Saudi Arabia’s production restraint may boost prices in the short term, but it may also assure the Kingdom greater market control in the longer term
2 February 2021
Letter from China: Energy security ambitions get a wake-up call
Widespread energy and electricity shortages over the past two months amid exceptionally cold weather serve as a bruising reality check
2 February 2021
Successful Luiperd hunt boosts South African gas hopes
Second major discovery improves prospects for bringing gas to market but is no panacea
2 February 2021
CCS could be ‘trillion-dollar industry’ – Baker Hughes AM 2021
Developing carbon capture and storage will be essential to the oil and gas industry remaining relevant
1 February 2021
Letter from the US: Granholm treads the centre ground… for now
The energy secretary nominee’s rhetoric is thus far placatory. But her record suggests the oil and gas industry should buckle up
1 February 2021
Naturgy gets reward for power and renewables pivot
Australian fund manager makes a premium bid based on the firm’s move away from gas, LNG and international expansion
1 February 2021
Venezuela’s allies choose divergent paths
Support from strategic partners Russia and China has helped the Latin American regime endure punishing economic sanctions. But over time their approaches have begun to deviate significantly
1 February 2021
Tullow focuses on West Africa
The Anglo-Irish producer is narrowing its scope for another transitional year
28 January 2021
Letter from the Middle East: Qatar rapprochement could bring gas benefits
Greater GCC harmony might offer an opportunity to untangle some of the Middle East’s notoriously illogical gas dynamics, but LNG looks more promising than pipelines
28 January 2021
China’s shale gas set for double boost
A push for more domestic production to buttress supply security and Beijing’s ambitious drive to decarbonise its economy will both supercharge the sector
28 January 2021
Hess’ Bakken gas-gathering efforts bear fruit
The company reports a remarkable shift in its oil/gas mix in the North Dakota shale play
28 January 2021
Stormy weather ahead for energy transition M&A
Strategic M&A deals are always fraught with risk, and there will be too many oil and gas companies chasing too few transition-focused targets
28 January 2021
Understanding carbon intensity of oil will help producers address energy transition
Fossil fuels will play a major part in global energy supplies for decades to come, meaning the industry and policymakers must focus on how to encourage the lowest-carbon intensive sources
27 January 2021
Rewriting the LNG rulebook
New US Gulf Coast gas contract highlights the sector’s changing buyer-seller dynamic and increasing demand for pricing flexibility
26 January 2021
Kuwait and Oman hope for peace dividend
More cordial Saudi-Qatar relations raise hopes for economic and energy investment progress in other GCC allies. But serious challenges remain
26 January 2021
Pavilion prepares for carbon neutrality as normal
The Singaporean firm is laying the foundations for when carbon-neutral LNG will be a requirement
26 January 2021
Caracas turns to capitalism for survival
Venezuelan government makes moves to liberalise oil sector as economic sanctions push production to 50-year low
26 January 2021
Letter from Canada: Keystone XL’s demise a fiasco and opportunity
The Canadian oilsands industry should now be clear where it stands and plan accordingly
25 January 2021
Russia benefits from standing its ground in oil price grey zone
Saudi sacrifice shows greater appetite for compromise in a price environment that is not win-win for the two Opec+ heavyweights
25 January 2021
Oman runs hard to stand still
The sultanate’s long-term oil ambitions are modest, but the urgent appetite for fresh gas supply remains
25 January 2021
Suriname plays exploration catch-up
After years of drilling letdowns, the small Latin American nation is finally starting to prove its offshore potential
22 January 2021
Woodside consolidates Sangomar ownership
The Australian producer has upped its stake in the Senegal oil development in two deals, but plans to shed some of that equity this year
21 January 2021
Saudi steps back to move forward
Unilateral production cuts and reconciliation with Qatar may look like a full retreat from longstanding policy positions. But they may yet prove smart tactical moves
21 January 2021
Letter from Moscow: Rosneft bucks trend with Arctic push
At a time when many IOCs are shunning large-scale investments in oil extraction, Russia’s biggest oil producer is pressing ahead with perhaps its largest ever undertaking
21 January 2021
No quick fix for Pemex
The government may have been forced to scale back its upstream ambitions. But even the revised targets might be too much, too soon
20 January 2021
US oil export infrastructure faces post-boom bust
Previous anxieties over lack of infrastructure have been replaced with fears of looming overcapacity
19 January 2021
Central Asian giant faces multiple headwinds
Surging Covid cases are not the only challenges facing Kazakhstan’s largest oil and gas developments
19 January 2021
Biden inherits Venezuelan conundrum
The incoming US government faces a multitude of foreign policy challenges, but will its arrival also mark reconciliation with Latin America’s largest petrostate?
19 January 2021
Kunlun to use PipeChina cash for downstream growth
An exit from the midstream gives the PetroChina subsidiary a war chest and proves the logic of the country’s gas market rationalisation
19 January 2021
Enbridge challenges Michigan mandate
Canadian midstream firm rails against federal executive order calling for Line 5 pipeline closure
18 January 2021
One step forward, two steps back in Kuwait
Renewed political upheaval augurs ill for oil sector development plans
18 January 2021
Opec+ power shift points to lower crude price paradigm
If Russia can marshal allies to seize control of the producers’ group, it might respond to structural demand concerns with a volume-over-value strategy
18 January 2021
Covid-19 accelerates refinery rationalisation
Significant regional changes hurried along by the pandemic will permanently alter global dynamics
18 January 2021
Permian to retain US deal-making lead
A Q4 M&A upswing proved there are still consolidation opportunities and the Texas/New Mexico basin will remain the hotspot
14 January 2021
Denmark’s oil and gas bans—an exercise in virtue signalling?
No future rounds to award new E&P licences will take place. Given recent exploration activity, it is unlikely anyone will care
14 January 2021
Oil price gift boosts US shale
Further production cuts led by Saudi Arabia could signal the start of a US oil sector recovery, but potential headwinds remain
14 January 2021
China’s Iraq influence keeps growing
Chinese companies have strengthened their already healthy position in the Iraqi oil and gas sector as other IOCs back off
14 January 2021
Opec should bear in mind its history
The past offers painful warnings against the temptations that 2021 may bring
12 January 2021
Lundin share price struggles to follow rise of production and reserves
Norway-focused producer’s traditional/lower-carbon balancing act fails to set it apart from its peers
12 January 2021
Senate wins bolster Biden’s agenda
The Democrat victories in Georgia dramatically change the political picture but do not pose an existential threat to the shale patch
12 January 2021
US exports shrug off downturn
Flows out of the Gulf Coast—and their influence on global pricing—are set to rebound further in 2021
12 January 2021
China set to take refining top spot
The Asian heavyweight looks poised to knock the US off its perch
11 January 2021
More change ahead for the shipping sector
An unwinding of some Covid-related effects might challenge VLSFO’s initial IMO 2020 win
11 January 2021
The costs of competition in China’s oil market
The business models of refining incumbents face disruption from integrated new entrants
11 January 2021
Petrobras scales down
The Brazilian producer revises down its 2021 crude production forecast but still has ambitious long-term pre-salt growth plan
8 January 2021
Delek targets London listing
The company is looking to establish a newco on the LSE, while also divesting its Tamar stake
5 January 2021
Australia banks on Beetaloo for gas-led recovery
Canberra is providing exploration grants for Northern Territory shale play with the potential to rival the US Marcellus
31 December 2020
Standing still is not an option for oil firms
Next year will not see a return to business-as-usual. Companies should not deny the new paradigm, but embrace it
31 December 2020
Southeast Asia evolves into an NOC universe
The trend for the region’s operators to play a bigger role looks set to continue
30 December 2020
Iranian nuclear talks back on
The global oil market watches with interest on whether a US return to the JCPOA agreement will unleash a wave of Iranian barrels
30 December 2020
Relatively bright future for the North Sea
The basin may never recapture its glory days, but 2021 should still see players extracting significant value
22 December 2020
Putin prepares for White House shift
Flashpoints projected as Biden administration takes a tougher foreign policy stance on Russia
22 December 2020
Cause for quiet optimism in the East Med
Political stability and multilateral collaboration are essential to fulfilling the region’s economic potential
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