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Biden shines spotlight on climate
25 February 2021
International collaboration will be crucial to achieving the Democrat government’s bold climate agenda
Biden shines spotlight on climate
25 February 2021
International collaboration will be crucial to achieving the Democrat government’s bold climate agenda
Letter from the US: Oil and gas sector faces cold hard facts
23 February 2021
Glacial temperatures in southern states showcase lack of provision against extreme weather
US maintains Syrian oilfield presence
22 February 2021
The US government has reiterated its commitment to defeating so-called Islamic State in Syria and says it is merely protecting the country’s oil from falling into the ‘wrong’ hands
Mexican LNG offers sea change
22 February 2021
Shortening shipping times could deliver substantial gains to exporters, but they would still need to navigate the country’s complex regulation process
US refining put on ice
18 February 2021
Blizzards in Texas have dramatically halted downstream activities, leaving opportunities for facilities still running
Outlook Live: Trouble brews for US shale
16 February 2021
Global energy demand will recover as the pandemic recedes, but production in the Lower 48 may already have reached its apogee
Ofse firms diversify away from North America
9 February 2021
Nosediving revenues are forcing companies to shift capital to international assets
Cautious US majors curb annual spend
8 February 2021
Recovering oil prices will not be enough to convince producers to stump up additional cash, but investors may still benefit from a substantial dividend pay-out
Biden plans Mid-East Gulf shake-up
8 February 2021
US diplomatic goals, if achieved, will impact the Iranian, Saudi and Yemeni energy sectors
Drilling ban spooks Gulf of Mexico
4 February 2021
A long-term federal waters embargo would trigger severe production losses in the region, forcing firms to withdraw capital
Letter from the US: Granholm treads the centre ground… for now
1 February 2021
The energy secretary nominee’s rhetoric is thus far placatory. But her record suggests the oil and gas industry should buckle up
Hess’ Bakken gas-gathering efforts bear fruit
28 January 2021
The company reports a remarkable shift in its oil/gas mix in the North Dakota shale play
Letter from Canada: Keystone XL’s demise a fiasco and opportunity
26 January 2021
The Canadian oilsands industry should now be clear where it stands and plan accordingly
US oil export infrastructure faces post-boom bust
20 January 2021
Previous anxieties over lack of infrastructure have been replaced with fears of looming overcapacity
Biden inherits Venezuelan conundrum
19 January 2021
The incoming US government faces a multitude of foreign policy challenges, but will its arrival also mark reconciliation with Latin America’s largest petrostate?
Permian to retain US deal-making lead
18 January 2021
A Q4 M&A upswing proved there are still consolidation opportunities and the Texas/New Mexico basin will remain the hotspot
Oil price gift boosts US shale
14 January 2021
Further production cuts led by Saudi Arabia could signal the start of a US oil sector recovery, but potential headwinds remain
Senate wins bolster Biden’s agenda
12 January 2021
The Democrat victories in Georgia dramatically change the political picture but do not pose an existential threat to the shale patch
US exports shrug off downturn
12 January 2021
Flows out of the Gulf Coast—and their influence on global pricing—are set to rebound further in 2021
Standing still is not an option for oil firms
31 December 2020
Next year will not see a return to business-as-usual. Companies should not deny the new paradigm, but embrace it
Iranian nuclear talks back on
30 December 2020
The global oil market watches with interest on whether a US return to the JCPOA agreement will unleash a wave of Iranian barrels
Putin prepares for White House shift
22 December 2020
Flashpoints projected as Biden administration takes a tougher foreign policy stance on Russia
Pentagon blacklists Cnooc due to military links
22 December 2020
Further escalation could lead to Chinese NOC becoming locked out of US-dollar-based financial system
LNG market set for contracting boom
18 December 2020
North American project developers hope for a bumper year for supply commitments
US LNG sellers retain Asia-Pacific optimism
17 December 2020
Second-wave project developers are confident their volumes can compete in eastern markets