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Letter from the US: Refiners are no longer mere price takers
12 June 2024
OPEC watchers should not undervalue the buying power of refiners in the changing oil market equation
US shale needs to find new efficiencies
6 June 2024
Output looks to a growth model based around doing more with less given green policy pressure, with tech advancements, equipment upgrades and fiscal tools key
Biden clamps down on Alaskan oil and gas
3 June 2024
Federal government restricts activity in Alaskan petroleum reserve but leaves current arrangements like Willow alone
Letter from the US: OPEC+ and the trillion-dollar mistake?
14 May 2024
The former CEO of Pioneer, Scott Sheffield, has opened a can of worms through his association with OPEC+ and its market management strategy
Letter from Houston: Pragmatism versus rhetoric
10 May 2024
The US’ contentious LNG permitting pause has prompted criticism from CEOs and wildly differing interpretations from politicians
Letter from London: The unbearable lightness of being US shale
26 April 2024
While the US has been breaking records for its premium grade crude, there are doubts over whether you can have too much of a good thing
LNG needs post-election rethink
15 April 2024
Though hampered by methane concerns, US LNG has a crucial role to play for European and Asian energy security, US economic needs and the energy transition drive
US SPR takes on new role
26 March 2024
Strategic stocks have become as much a market management tool as a security of supply buffer, and this new tactic is likely to continue beyond the next election
The long march to energy independence: Part 3
4 March 2024
Attempts to end the US ‘addiction to oil’ in the early 2000s had some unintended negative consequences
Shale gas industry consolidates in the shadows
23 February 2024
While US oil mega-mergers are grabbing all the headlines, there is also an understated revolution in the gas patch
Letter from the US: Chesapeake-Southwestern merger is big deal for US LNG
6 February 2024
The combination of the two independents will show the benefits of both size and methane reduction efforts
Shell demonstrates renewed focus on hydrocarbons
31 January 2024
Gulf of Mexico moves suggest cautious optimism in region’s deep waters, with a shift to work smarter and balance risks
Regulatory change threatens next wave of US LNG
30 January 2024
A potential policy shift has thrown the fate of c.100mt/yr of new US liquefaction capacity into doubt
Outlook 2024: Toward a realistic US energy and climate strategy
26 January 2024
A realistic, yet forward-looking, energy and climate strategy is possible if US policymakers can eschew ideological divides in favour of a durable political compromise
Outlook 2024: US LNG – The next wave?
24 January 2024
The LNG build-out gaining momentum in the US since 2022 is unprecedented in its size, but as risks grow it will reach its peak in 2024
Outlook 2024: The importance of US LNG in transforming the global market
12 January 2024
US LNG has been a key driver in linking Asian, European and Latin American spot cargoes
The long march to energy independence: Part 2
11 January 2024
The US finally achieved energy independence in November 2019, but was the mission a mistake from the start?
ExxonMobil charts own course on transition
8 December 2023
The US oil major is leveraging its skillset to develop a low-carbon portfolio spanning CCS and blue hydrogen to lithium for EV batteries
Chevron deal energises the Bakken
27 November 2023
The major’s acquisition deal could keep oil production in the mature play going for longer
Petchems Report: US a petchems hotbed while Europe struggles
20 November 2023
Low-cost ethane has made the US a premier destination for petchems investments, while in Europe the industry faces economic headwinds
US upstream shows restraint
16 November 2023
The disciplined spending trend seen in 2023 is likely to continue into 2024
US oil and gas has high hopes for new Speaker
8 November 2023
ESG reporting standards and spending and subsidy provisions in the IRA among the priorities for the sector
Venezuela’s limited oil sanctions relief
1 November 2023
Washington’s move to ease restrictions on Caracas will likely have a more meaningful impact on US refiners than global crude markets
Refining Report: American refiners target biofuels
31 October 2023
Biofuels are leading the way in the US as the region looks to the future with renewable fuels
US LNG expansion bolsters Europe, but risks remain
18 October 2023
The US continues to play an increasingly pivotal role in the LNG market, but short- and medium-term risks and uncertainties persist
Letter from the US: OPEC+ faces US merger threat
16 October 2023
The ‘megaproducers’ on the rise following ExxonMobil deal will be less susceptible to OPEC pressure
Tellurian eyes first LNG late 2027
9 October 2023
The integrated developer remains bullish despite previous delays
Gas remains the workhorse of the Texas grid
3 October 2023
Much has been made about the expansion of wind and solar power, but in the hottest days of August, Texans depended on gas to avert rolling blackouts
US shale response to oil price boost may be muted
18 September 2023
Behind the rig count data lie differences between public and private operators, acreage questions, the lure of returns and unwavering capital discipline
US Gulf continues to refine hurricane response
23 August 2023
Another Atlantic hurricane season is well underway and expected to peak in September, while the oil and gas industry on the US Gulf Coast continues to watch the weather with caution
US SPR squeezes Saudi economy
21 August 2023
Action by consuming governments has shown they can significantly affect oil prices and put a spoke in OPEC’s wheels
Kosmos unfazed by Greater Tortue Ahmeyim delay
17 August 2023
Postponement of large LNG project does not seem to have derailed Kosmos’ expansion or capex plans
US SPR faces existential crisis
11 August 2023
As the 50th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo approaches, policymakers gripped by energy security fears must start rethinking the purpose of emergency oil stocks
Rio Grande lights the way for US LNG
28 July 2023
Texas export facility’s remarkable turnaround will give fresh hope to other gas projects looking to secure FID
Iran’s crude increases raise US, OPEC+ questions
20 July 2023
A tight sour oil market and a reluctance by Washington to take a hard line could allow the OPEC producer to keep testing boundaries, but for how long?
Gibson buys Texas terminal amid bullish outlook for US oil exports
14 July 2023
Growing global thirst for light sweet crude contrasts with potential refining decline and risks of inland infrastructure bottlenecks at home
Will US LNG stampede lead to costly overbuild?
7 July 2023
The US’ emergence as the world’s largest LNG producer is good news for gas-hungry Europe, but the project pipeline raises questions about how much capacity will be needed
US oil and gas sector facing insurance challenges
15 June 2023
The market has hardened significantly, but there are strategies energy companies can employ to mitigate its impact
US debt deal to have lasting consequences for oil and gas
9 June 2023
Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline could set a legal precedent, while permitting reform may make it easier for other projects to advance
US shale starts 2023 in ‘realistic’ mood
25 May 2023
First-quarter shale results show ongoing restraint amid signs of cost deflation
US gasoline myth masks bloated oil stocks
19 May 2023
Grim outlook for refining margins as high interest rates blunt gasoline consumption
US and Qatari LNG: Competitors or a parallel universe?
10 May 2023
The two heavyweight exporters are miles apart in their approach to the market, but the interplay between them will define the future of LNG pricing
A potent US SPR is a national security imperative
27 April 2023
Russia’s war against Ukraine has profoundly transformed many elements of the global oil market
Letter from the US: Biden calls time on petroleum-fuelled vehicles
20 April 2023
Rules mandating EV sales will transform the US automotive industry, but there are significant practical and judicial challenges
US industry could see second half of 2023 mirror the first
14 April 2023
Top oil forecasters and industry signals at odds over market direction
US-Europe crude flow keeps records tumbling
5 April 2023
Continued increases in lighter, sweeter US barrels heading across the pond have boosted gasoline supply from European refiners, but for how long can volumes keep rising?
Baytex deal could signal incoming US M&A wave
29 March 2023
Bumper cash flows along with diversification and consolidation strategies set stage for dealmaking
US drilling to climb as supply disruption continues
22 March 2023
Although spending will decelerate in North America, the 2023 forecast for an 18pc increase follows a near-record 44pc in 2022. US drilling will increase by 8.2pc, with total footage forecast to climb 8.7pc, to 290mn ft³ of hole
Willow approval may be turning point that fails to turn
21 March 2023
Development expected to produce equivalent of up to 40pc of Alaskan daily production but is unlikely to herald a new age of megaprojects
Letter from the US: The bigger they are, the harder they fall
16 March 2023
The oil industry is facing the same kind of seismic shift in consumption that rocked telecommunications with the arrival of the cellphone
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