Women in Hydrogen 50 - 2023

As hydrogen starts to gain a foothold in the energy transition, there is a need for women’s voices and the diversity within this industry to be highlighted. Hydrogen Economist occupies a unique position in the global energy industry to provide a platform and a voice to under-represented, under-promoted and under-recognised women.

Hydrogen Economist published the 2023 edition of Women in Hydrogen 50, which profiles 50 influential and boundary-pushing women in this growing sector, on 8 March.

The categories

    • Projects and Partnerships
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Policy and Regulation
    • Industrial Use and Switching
    • Rising Stars

 To discuss Women in Hydrogen 50 and other initiatives, contact Rachel McGhie.

Click here to download the complete list. 

Supporting organisation:

RenewableUK is committed to promoting diversity and equality across the energy sector. As part of this initiative, Switch provides an exciting platform that facilitates inclusivity in related workplaces throughout the UK. The Switch list contains more than 160 expert speakers covering a wide range of topics in the industry, who represent and advocate for even greater diversity in the sector. The programme will also provide other tools like webinars that organisations can apply to their own environments and processes for a more inclusive future.

Browse the Switch List or sign up, and use #FliptheSwitch on socials to get involved.