Projects and Partnerships

This category recognises women involved in strategic and financial decision-making for large-scale hydrogen projects, whether at the MOU phase or signing off on FID. This category also recognises the consultants providing the legal, financial and strategic advice behind major projects.

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Alicia Eastman is the President of InterContinental Energy (ICE), which is developing some of the largest renewable hydrogen projects globally. ICE is developing two projects in Western Australia, including the 26GW Australian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) in which BP acquired a 40.5% operating stake. ICE is also developing the Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH)—which will be approximately double the size of AREH—Green Energy Oman (GEO) and Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy Hub (SAREH) all of which will act as a central production and distribution points for large quantities of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia for offtakers and customers across APAC, Europe and beyond.
Ana Angel is head of North America for Hinico, where she has been a cornerstone in supporting the beginning of a large-scale renewable hydrogen integration in the USA and Canada. She has previously held the role of Head of Latin America at the company. Over the past 12 years, Ana has advised on 100+ projects for utilities, project developers, oil & gas companies, equipment manufacturers, technology startups, international donors, and policymakers in Europe and the Americas.
Caragh is Xodus’ head of hydrogen strategy following a career in energy spanning two decades. Last year she co-led the infrastructure special interest group for the Bacton Energy Hub, as well as a pre-feasibility study with Frontier Energy, which could become one of the lowest-cost green hydrogen producers in Australia. She is a STEM Ambassador, a member of UCL’s Industry Advisory Panel and a member of the ECITB’s Net Zero Network and aims to encourage future generations of women into STEM careers in the energy sector.
Diep Nguyen-Van Houtte is a senior manager of climate innovation and business development at the IFC. She has funded and commissioned early project development work on green hydrogen in multiple emerging markets since 2019, and is working with development partners and donors to raise blended finance for green hydrogen initiatives. Diep is also leading the effort to develop an investment analysis tool and a projects database for green hydrogen.
Estelle Mangeney is a director for energy and utilities at West Monroe. Over the past year she has led multiple teams to develop US hydrogen hub grant applications, including for the DOE IIJA Hydrogen Hub Program. Nominations note that she has "worked tirelessly to help her teams bring their hydrogen projects to life with compelling narratives, strong win-themes, well-developed scopes, and robust community benefit plans", as well as introducing producers to potential offtakers.
Jill Evanko has been CEO of Chart since 2018. In 2022 alone, Chart executed 30+ strategic memorandums of understanding. Recently, she signed a $4.4bn definitive agreement to acquire Howden, bringing the company into the gaseous hydrogen space as well as its existing focus on liquefaction. Jill is also a founding member of India Hydrogen Alliance and anchor investor in Hy24, the world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure fund.
Marloes Ras is co-founder and CEO of Madoqua Renewables Holding and a board member of the 500MW MadoquaPower2x green ammonia project, which targets FID this year. She works with the project team to achieve critical milestones, and has built up the business model and investor relationships that make the €1bn project possible.
Melanie Kleemann is head of hydrogen engineering for RWE, providing vital technical expertise for the company’s green hydrogen project developments in order to meet its target of installing and operating at least 2GW of electrolyser capacity by 2030 across core European countries. Nominations note that her "active engagement with key manufacturers such as the electrolyser suppliers, cross-functional working style, and unwavering support for her team" all feed into strategic decisions toward kickstarting RWE's hydrogen portfolio.
Noureen Faizee is director of strategy and growth for Worley’s hydrogen business. She works closely with senior leaders within the organisation in the formulation and execution of the company's corporate strategy and growth initiatives, drawing on over 14 years of experience in the energy industry. She is a keen promoter of hydrogen and never misses an opportunity to increase awareness on the potential of hydrogen as an energy source through podcasts and conferences.
Tomeka McLeod is a vice-president at BP leading the newly-formed US hydrogen and CCS business based in Houston, with a focus on setting up partnerships and identifying potential synergies between companies. She has previously worked as business advisor to BP's executive vice-president for low-carbon energy, as well as holding a variety of finance and leadership roles within the company.