Policy and Regulation

This category recognises women creating, feeding back on and pushing for policy to support the nascent hydrogen economy. This includes women who have set up government strategies, liaisons to determine how industry needs and fair policy can both be met, and regulations to ensure accountability for hydrogen’s promise of decarbonisation.

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Ana Maria Ruz is a green hydrogen specialist advising the Chilean government on stimulating the hydrogen sector, including the introduction of planning processes to ease project development. Chile has been highlighted by international organisations as a potential centre of low-cost hydrogen production.
Christine G. Wyman is a partner at Bracewell and part of the law firm's policy resolution group. She assists her clients, including energy giants like Air Liquide, in navigating the shifting federal policy and regulatory framework needed to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen in support of decarbonisation goals.
Clare is CEO of trade association Hydrogen UK, which is leading the national debate on the role of hydrogen in meeting net zero. She works with industry leaders, ministers and civil servants on the next steps required to scale hydrogen in the UK. Clare has an extensive network across the hydrogen space, working with many organisations and companies to advise on how to capitalise on the opportunities presented by hydrogen.
Grace Quan is president and CEO of Hydrogen in Motion. She is chair of Canada's codes and standards working group for hydrogen transport and storage and is leading the charge to ensure the regulatory environment has the appropriate codes and standards to adopt hydrogen technologies across Canada and internationally. Grace is also chair of the government relations committee for the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. She has led lobbying efforts which have resulted in hydrogen tax credits and funding for hydrogen projects in Canada. Grace also has implemented a Girls in STEM internship program at Hydrogen in Motion.
Helen Melone is a senior policy manager for heat, hydrogen and solar at Scottish Renewables. She has co-ordinated industry responses to key hydrogen consultations including the Scottish government's Hydrogen Action Plan and the UK government’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Standard, Business Models for Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Designing a Net-Zero Hydrogen Fund. In addition to her consultation, Helen has established a green hydrogen policy working group to ensure stakeholders have the opportunity to input into the policy process. She represents these voices at roundtables, events and working groups.
Kadri Simson is commissioner for the European Commission's DG Energy. The European Commission has set a target of 10mn t/yr of hydrogen production and 10mn t/yr of imports, requiring strong ties with future export nations. As part of her role, she is building diplomatic links between the EU and potential hydrogen partners around the world. She has advocated for clean hydrogen as key to future energy security and sustainability.
Maryna has more than eleven years’ experience in the energy sector and specialises in hydrogen regulation, renewable energy projects and energy markets. Maryna has worked on draft laws for implementation of EU regulation in the energy sector of Ukraine, including the draft law for the hydrogen sector of Ukraine. She participated as a senior expert in the project, analysing the compatibility of draft laws in Ukraine for the EU regulation in the energy sector.
Nawal is the director of the future energy department at the UAE's ministry of energy and infrastructure. She has led on the development of a comprehensive national blueprint to support domestic, low-carbon industries that contribute to the UAE’s net-zero ambition and position the country as a competitive exporter of hydrogen. This was launched during the crucial Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow. Currently she leads the National Hydrogen Strategy which will help to achieve UAE's ambition to be among top ten hydrogen-producing countries in the world by 2031.
Roxana Bekemohammadi is founder and executive director of the United States Hydrogen Alliance. She has also worked as a hydrogen expert at the California Air Resources Board, where she helped develop and implement two landmark clean transportation initiatives. She advocates for climate resilience, energy efficiency, workforce development, and hydrogen, drawing on her legislative, state agency, and laboratory experience.
Suzie Ferguson is Wood's carbon capture lead consultant. She has led extensive benchmarking studies for the Energy Technologies Institute, UK government (BEIS) and the OGCI. She has used her knowledge on the impact of low-carbon hydrogen and carbon capture in support of the Carbon Capture & Storage Association’s (CCSA) regulation and policy working group. Suzie also promotes Wood's SCORE methodology, which analyses the most efficient ways of decarbonising industrial facilities through reduction of emissions, electrification, fuel-switching, carbon capture or offsetting.