Rising Stars

This category recognises women in the early stages of their career, wherever they fit in the hydrogen sector. We encouraged nominations for apprentices and women in the first three years of their career at a given company who have already demonstrated their talent and ambition within hydrogen.

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Beatrice d'Eufemia joined Orsted on the company's graduate programme and has since been involved in innovations varying from offshore operations to O&G platform electrification. She is now a lead business developer for the company's UK and Ireland power-2-X division, designing customer-led solutions towards a green hydrogen future and unlocking value in the journey towards a green energy future.

Daniela Ismail is currently working as a Net Zero Business Development Manager for Hydrogen Fuel Stations at Houston based Trillium. She has recently finished an MBA focused on hydrogen as a means for energy transition, and has completed a hydrogen fuel station project in Houston. She spreads knowledge and awareness about hydrogen both within KBR and in the wider community, such as taking part in a video on hydrogen for the Children's Museum in Houston.

Emma Houchell is the lead process engineer focused on FEED for Immingham Green Energy Terminal. If approved, the £800m green liquid hydrogen production facility will be central to decarbonising the UK's Humber region, delivering clean energy, and achieving the national net zero ambitions. Just three years into her career, and with only a year’s experience in the hydrogen sector, Emma is leading the process engineering decisions including simulations, equipment specifications, and control strategies. Her role is to ensure the production facility design is safe, future-proofed, and technically, environmentally, and financially viable.
Hanane El Hamraoui is industry and EMEA director for project developer HDF. She is in charge of HDF's fuel cell business and is directly involved in negotiations and deployment of international mega-projects. As of April 2021, she has joined the company's board.
Katie Harrison is a project manager at the ENA, a UK-based trade association representing gas and electricity network operators. She has been a driving force behind the ENA’s Gas Goes Green programme since its inception in 2020. The programme is putting in place the building blocks for the world’s first zero carbon gas grid, rolling out the infrastructure required to deliver hydrogen to industry, households, power generation and in transport.
Madana Nallapan is a regional analyst for the Energy Industries Council, heading a team of analysts in Malaysia. Following the completion of her PhD, she has spent the last five years becoming an expert in hydrogen globally. She speaks and moderates numerous panels, published her own global hydrogen report and has become a go-to contact for hydrogen.
Maeva Rakotoarisoa joined Globeleq, an Africa-focused energy company, in 2020 as the youngest woman in the business development team, following her MSc at the French Institute of Petroleum. She currently participates in developing one of the first large-scale green hydrogen projects in Egypt, for which she leads the insurance and development grant funding workstreams, while also supporting the company's financing, market study, dialogue with offtakers and overall strategy.
Maisie Tuttle joined Kent as a graduate process engineer in July 2021. While Maisie is only two years into her career, she has already taken a prominent role in HyNet, the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation project. She has spent time on site, liaising with clients and working to integrate HyNet’s new hydrogen production plant into the existing refinery. Her modelling work on the fuel gas system has verified the use of hydrogen on site whilst reducing the impact to refinery day-to-day operations. This has provided confidence in the first phase of this project and provided a basis for work on future phases.
René Shaw joined the graduate programme at ZeroAvia in October 2022, working to ensure a new generation of hydrogen-electric powered aircraft will be safe and fit to fly. Originally a trained pilot, René used to fly 747s for Cathay Pacific and was one of the first female pilots at South African Airways. She retrained and changed careers due to family commitments but remains passionate about safety, the joy of take-off and the magic that flying inspires.
Rosa works on green gas origination and business development for Renera. She has led the Women in Green Hydrogen Network during the past 1.5 years, promoting the inclusion of women in the hydrogen sector across different public forums. She has led international working groups at EU level where she has achieved consensus with key stakeholders about the possibilities and challenges of hydrogen production, transport and use, as well as standardisation needs.