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China’s LNG imports set for summer spike
1 June 2021
Volumes will rise along with temperatures amid rising demand and storage requirements
Letter from China: Beijing targets Australian spot LNG
18 May 2021
LNG is the latest Australian export targeted by China in its trade spat with Canberra. Even limited moves represent an escalation in the standoff
China poised for rapid LNG expansion
17 May 2021
New and existing domestic players are investing in regasification infrastructure to help meet surging demand
Iraq renews gas drive
8 May 2021
Baghdad turns again to China to develop its second largest gasfield
Letter from China: Coal phase-out raises energy security risk
28 April 2021
Coal’s long goodbye means Beijing will need to brace for reduced energy security
China’s carbon trading offers little gas-to-power help
26 April 2021
Generation from the cleanest fossil fuel looks set to struggle to expand in China despite the start of carbon trading
New LNG markets prove tough nuts to crack
8 April 2021
Floating storage and regasification has reduced entry barriers for aspiring LNG importers. But opening up a new market remains a tricky business
Decarbonising LNG: the heat is on
31 March 2021
When the largest buyer in the largest consuming country commits to net-zero emissions by 2050, suppliers must start to respond. And they are
Decarbonising LNG: the heat is on
31 March 2021
When the largest buyer in the largest consuming country commits to net-zero emissions by 2050, suppliers must start to respond. And they are
LNG’s buoyant brave new world
29 March 2021
The industry’s big players remain optimistic despite the headwinds of the last two years
Letter from China: Five-Year Plan puts energy over decarbonisation
28 March 2021
China’s reluctance to ease back on fossil fuels highlights the contrasting narratives of energy security and decarbonisation
Cnooc looks to South China Sea
25 March 2021
The NOC’s delisting from the NYSE may only serve to embolden its South China Sea drilling despite lingering controversy surrounding projects in the region
China’s NOCs look to the future
22 March 2021
The three state-controlled heavyweights are gearing up to announce 2020 earnings, with attention focused on addressing near-term challenges and opportunities
More Chinese firms enter global LNG market
5 March 2021
Niche buyers in China are starting to make waves in the global LNG market, spurred by reforms that have opened up the country’s vast pipeline network
Asian LNG demand poised to climb further
26 February 2021
The LNG sector remains very bullish about the prospects for Asian demand in the 2020s
Fear of China to keep Myanmar’s LNG projects alive
16 February 2021
Investors pulling out would create a space for Beijing to fill
China’s downstream gas sector ready for take-off
11 February 2021
City gas firms will be benefit from policy support and a recovery in construction
China falls short on gas storage
9 February 2021
Asia’s biggest gas market has a way to go to meet its storage capacity targets
Letter from China: Energy security ambitions get a wake-up call
2 February 2021
Widespread energy and electricity shortages over the past two months amid exceptionally cold weather serve as a bruising reality check
Venezuela’s allies choose divergent paths
1 February 2021
Support from strategic partners Russia and China has helped the Latin American regime endure punishing economic sanctions. But over time their approaches have begun to deviate significantly
Kunlun to use PipeChina cash for downstream growth
19 January 2021
An exit from the midstream gives the PetroChina subsidiary a war chest and proves the logic of the country’s gas market rationalisation
China set to take refining top spot
12 January 2021
The Asian heavyweight looks poised to knock the US off its perch
The costs of competition in China’s oil market
11 January 2021
The business models of refining incumbents face disruption from integrated new entrants
Pentagon blacklists Cnooc due to military links
22 December 2020
Further escalation could lead to Chinese NOC becoming locked out of US-dollar-based financial system
US-China rivalry intensifies
17 December 2020
Diplomatic ties may improve under Biden, but both governments will compete to lead the green energy revolution
Letter from China: Cautious welcome for Biden in Beijing
10 December 2020
The Chinese government’s delayed response to the president-elect’s victory indicates wariness, but LNG trade could be a bridge to better relations